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We believe the best support for students often comes from other students. They are the people who truly understand the challenges students are facing, because they face those challenges themselves. The Student Room is an online community where thousands of students help each other out. As the largest online engagement platform for students in the UK, it’s an invaluable part of life for most young people looking for meaningful connections, life advice and study support.

Why The Student Room?

The Student Room is a thriving community of students using our on-site forums and content to support each other through education, life around learning, all the way through to careers.

Whether it’s getting study help, advice choosing a university, which laptop to buy or what career to pursue; learning from the advice and experiences of others is a unique and invaluable component for The Student Room.

We care passionately about students and have a dedicated team of employees, volunteers and forum helpers working behind the scenes to nurture, support and grow our community.

Benefits of teaming up with us

Having this huge student community on The Student Room means we’re uniquely privileged to connect educators, government, brands and recruiters to young people actively seeking answers and meaningful connections.

Our knowledge of the youth market is unparalleled, The Student Room gives us an exclusive window into how students truly think, feel and behave and you can’t get anywhere else. When we work with organisations and institutions we share these insights combined with our expertise to ensure your brand and marketing campaigns resonate with your target audience.

We go above and beyond to provide advertising solutions that deliver results to our clients, and deliver value to our community. With 20 years of experience, we know what works and what you need to do to see amazing results.

Why The Student Room matters to young people

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