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Young people come to The Student Room looking for support with their learning, revision and exams. It's the ideal platform to promote revision guides, learning tools and tuition services.

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The Student Room has a highly-engaged audience of 14-24 year-olds who use our platform as a resource to help them with their education and career goals.

Some key forums* on our site relating to learning and Study Help:

We can also build you a bespoke audience for email campaigns, based on your criteria, such as subject interest, study level or the content student users have engaged with on our site.

*Average monthly activity, Jan-Dec 2022

Student Spending Trends

We surveyed 1,228 respondents (aged between 16 and 24) to understand student spending behaviour and trends in brand preferences. This report also has a dedicated section exploring study help and learning tools.

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Student comments on our platform

Can your solutions help students to overcome study challenges and achieve their education goals?

  • "What I found really hard was knowing where to start, what to revise, I didn't really have a strategy...know how to do it right now but it was really hard for GCSE and things."
  • "I think for me it's condensing my notes in a way that makes it possible to revise, unfortunately, my notes can get quite lengthy as I'm always worried I might miss something important "
  • "My concentration and focus definitely decreased over the years, but I think that's just down to my mental health."

We polled students in December 2021 about what they find most difficult when revising:

Getting distracted
Prioritising what to revise
Remembering what they covered in lessons

How Medic Mind is engaging students using an Official Rep

Medic Mind is using an Official Rep account to help thousands of students prepare for UCAT, BMAT, GAMSAT and interviews by engaging directly with our community on-site. For example, by answering the question in this post: 

In 2022, Medic Mind's Official Reps posted nearly 1,000 times.

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