We could tell you that we deliver fantastic student campaigns (but we would wouldn’t we?) Check out what our clients have to say about The Student Room.

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  • “We chose The Student Room because we needed an engaged audience that was actively looking for university study. Overall we’re pleased with the results and the campaign contributed to our most successful Open Day in five years.”

    Edge Hill University
    Digital Marketing Manager

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  • “Being an Official Rep on The Student Room has been incredibly beneficial for us. Having the opportunity to connect with students directly is invaluable and we can answer their questions, worries and concerns. It works really well for conversion if you’re prepared to put the effort in. If nothing else, it gives a true insight into what it is the students are talking about. This market insight then feeds into planning, helping us to deliver what it is our students want to see rather than what we think they want to see.”

    Loughborough University
    Undergraduate Campaign Officer

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  • “Opening a new campus abroad is an exciting project we’re all rightly proud of. TSR were able to refine their audience to identify exactly the people we needed to engage with, and target them accurately. The email open rates in particular were remarkable.”

    Queen Mary University of London

    School of Medicine and Dentistry Marketing Manager

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  • University of East Anglia

    “We wanted to engage our audience at an early stage in their decision-making process. Working in collaboration with The Student Room allowed us to utilise data about what interested the TSR community to create material that fulfilled the dual purpose of boosting our brand awareness as a leading UK university, by providing informative and entertaining content to our target audience.”

    University of East Anglia

    Marketing and Recruitment Manager

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  • University of Hertfordshire

    “It has been a privilege to join in this debate, and wonderful and an immensely enjoyable experience for us all at the Hertfordshire Law School. We enjoyed the unbounded variety and richness of the points made, ranging from absolute defence of free speech, to full denial, we saw points raised about crime and policing, and the wider socio-economic issues and a deep engagement with fundamental philosophical and ethical questions. We were surprised by the level of engagement the participants showed in the debate. ”

    University of Hertfordshire

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  • Aston university

    “We can’t be broad. We do specific courses and recruit from specific areas, geographically as well as socially. We have to be more targeted by the nature of who we are and what we offer. The Student Room’s data gives us the ability to do that. We can use the data to reach those students who we previously didn’t know were interested in Aston. This provides us with insight and opens up new areas to focus our campaigns on next year. The Student Room’s data management platform is so strong, in terms of what it can achieve and how smart it is. They build products out of data rather than trying to achieve something unknown.”

    Aston University

    Head of Digital

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  • University of Chichester

    “It was frustrating to think that prospective students who should and could be applying here were missing out, because they weren’t aware of the exceptionally high standard of our Institute of Sport. The Student Room offered the ideal platform for us to reach them from, because it already has a large and engaged student audience at its disposal. It’s so interesting to see the significant uplift in email engagement that came from the article sponsorship. It just goes to show what a difference good content makes. We’re really pleased with the results.”

    University of Chichester

    Steph Coogans, Marketing Manager

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  • “This year, activity with TSR (excluding TheUniGuide) has generated almost 2.5K referrals with an average conversion rate of 8%. Most traffic came from remarketing ads (Ada) which proved effective – conversion tracking identified these were high quality conversions from engaged users. Display tends to consistently perform well and above sector benchmarks. We’re always looking to try new ways to reach our audience too which TSR are keen to support with by allowing us to trial new products. The Clearing Competitor email performed well, with one of the highest CTOR over the Clearing period.”

    Edge Hill University
    Debbie Gardinar, Marketing Campaigns Officer

  • “We worked with TSR on a marketing insight project to better understand the drivers and barriers of UG offer holders attending events and generally to better understand this audience. From the get-go Barbara and her team were great to work with, worked to our tight deadline and limited budget and were happy to make amends to meet our needs. The final report was incredibly useful with results helping to inform future activity. I’m confident it will be referred back to for future projects in this space.”

    The University of Edinburgh

    Catriona Regan, Marketing and Communications Manager for the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

  • University of Leicester

    “Making proactive use of our TSR Official Rep accounts provided us with a great insight into the anxieties and concerns students were facing on Results Day this year. Being able to reassure, inspire and advise on their next few steps forward was a fab addition to our Clearing campaign as well as a further engagement platform for our firm offer holders.”

    University of Leicester

    Head of Student Recruitment and Outreach

  • Sussex coast College

    “We engaged The Student Room to deliver an online campaign to focus on the clearing period for our Higher Education provision. Although we weren’t able to directly track the conversion from this campaign to enrolment, our clearing enrolment numbers were significantly higher than any previous year. We can only attribute this is in part to this particular campaign, although it was particularly useful to see proof of our shared audience via the view-through conversion tracking. The Student Room were extremely helpful and informative in advising us on the approach to take and have begun discussions on repeating this campaign.”

    Sussex Coast College Hastings

    Head of Marketing and Communications

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  • “The TSR team have been great and really attentive with our University Partner Pack (UPP). I’ve really appreciated the monthly meetings we set up with Nurcin, and now with Adam, where we get great insight into what’s going on in the forums and key areas we can use our Official Rep effectively. Our objective was to increase Strathclyde’s presence and visibility across various parts of the site and I’m satisfied that we achieved this with the guidance from TSR account managers. ”

    University of Strathclyde

    Caitlin Houston, Assistant Recruitment Officer

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  • “The campaign overall beat expectations, from a high open-rate, we could see the transition to our website on our Google Analytics. From the campaign, we also gained several applications and expressed interest applicants. The Student Room team has been great to work with, any questions about the process were answered quickly and knowledgeably. Everything was very straightforward and easy to complete. The aftercare with stats and reporting was easy to read and understand.

    Milennium Point

    Laura Everall, Marketing Co-ordinator

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  • “The Student Room team have always been incredibly responsive to our requests for support, and we trust their platform, products and insight. It’s a platform that’s used extensively by our audience and somewhere where we need an appropriate presence. The offer is flexible, and, crucially, competitively priced.”

    Teesside University

    Gill Varley, Marketing Officer

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  • “We really enjoyed working with TSR Insight. Our contacts responded speedily and there were frequent meetings to clarify specific terms of reference. We found the team to be flexible and they gave us feedback/ideas we found useful. I really hope I can work with TSR Insight again. They have been excellent partners.”

    Nottingham Trent University

    Richard Remedios, Associate Professor in Student Motivation and Engagement, Department of Psychology

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  • “The reach that The Student Room platform provides is the best on the market and the forums are a great way to do softer level engagement with offer holders and leads, providing us with useful insight into what students are really thinking and feeling.”

    University of York

    Marketing Manager (Undergraduate)

  • “UPP Unlimited gives us max coverage, flexibility and value across TSR for profile raising and lead gen. The TSR team are always attentive and knowledgeable in tailoring activities for impact, and the data insights and student sentiment reports are powerful resources for developing relatable content and messaging through each cycle.”

    Swansea University

    Head of Future Student Experience

Student Accommodation Providers

  • Fusion students logo

    “The engagement rate for emails was just under 50%, this is an excellent open rate and shows the emails were targeted at the right people at the right time. Add the referral traffic from our targeted banners to that and I am pleased to say that the campaign delivered on the objectives set”

    Fusion Students
    Digital Marketing Manager

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  • Sanctuary Students

    “The results from the campaigns we ran were fantastic! The team are very helpful and are always ready to offer support with anything you may need. We were regularly updated on the progress of our campaign. Advertising through TSR has definitely had a positive effect on our business. The whole process has been simple from start to finish.”

    Sanctuary Students

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  • “The Student Room were one of our strongest performing partners throughout last year’s Nationwide students campaign, delivering consistently strong results from start to finish. The team were responsive and reactive throughout the campaign and played a huge role in helping us beat target reach by over 25%.”


    Digital Manager at Wavemaker

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  • “Prior to the campaign, I was sceptical about targeted email as a delivery mechanism for conversion-driven campaigns. However, The Student Room email campaign exceeded our media projections by 50% due to their highly relevant and high-scale student audience. The Student Room team were incredibly professional and helpful, enabling us to turn around our campaign in lightening speed time and exceed our campaign projections.”

    Zero Gravity
    Joe Seddon, CEO

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  • “The Student Room is a long-term partner, continuously providing great results for us by exceeding set targets. The campaign management team work efficiently, with attention to detail at all times.”

    The Economist
    CRM Account Executive, iProspect

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  • “It was an obvious choice for this current campaign. We had a phenomenal open rate and CTR. We are very keen to get [our] offer in front of as many students as possible and The Student Room is most definitely the place to do so.”

    Reform Financial
    Lee Bridges, Director

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Employers and apprenticeships

  • IBM

    “The campaign overall has been very successful, and we are so pleased with the results.The campaign has generated applications and high click rates. We have also been able to use the platform to interact with students and answer any questions, which has been a great benefit to us.”

    Ireland Early Professional Engagement & Attraction Lead

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  • University of East Anglia

    “Promoting our client’s bursary scheme for STEM students on The Student Room proved very successful – it delivered 351 registrations in total, the second highest number generated by a media partner. Overall, the team at The Student Room were a pleasure to deal with and were very responsive – they really partnered with us to ensure that everything worked as well as it could.”

    Cyber First

    Account Manager at Stafford Long

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  • “Through using TSR’s exceptional data management platform we were able to target a very specific audience and generate 33 job applications over a short period of time. Of these 33 applications, we took five to interview. The consultation, advice and account management from the TSR team was exceptional and played a major part in the success of this campaign.”


    Chief Operating Officer

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  • The Big 4

    “The Student Room’s campaign has driven 85 applications as a result of users clicking on our ads. This has, so far, led to five candidates accepting roles at the company, with a further one at offer stage, and 18 in our process.”

    Big 4

    Attraction Adviser at one of the Big 4 professional service firms

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  • Prospects

    “The email listicle provided us with the highest number of conversions, whereas the solus email was great for brand awareness with open rates much higher than anticipated.”


    Marketing Manager

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Government and public sector

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