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Reach millions of engaged international students who are explicitly interested in studying in the UK

International audience

In these challenging financial times for the HE sector, make sure your university is maximising its share of the high-value global student market.

Although The Student Room is best known for being the UK's largest student platform, it might surprise you to learn that 43% of our annual users are international.

The Student Room is home to 2.4M international users per month (with a further 87,000 on The Uni Guide). Our community is the go-to location for prospective international students who want to make informed decisions about studying in the UK.

We get global traffic from over 100 countries. These are the top locations by traffic (average annual pageviews) [1]:

  • United States  - 17.3M
  • India - 4.4M
  • Canada - 2.7M
  • Australia - 2.3M
  • Hong Kong - 1.8M
  • (traffic from China cannot be accurately measured)

Targeting students in specific countries?

We offer strategic, location-based targeting to engage and influence international students

Bespoke country packages

Grow your university brand in your ideal international market. This bespoke package lets you target student users by country, and includes a high-impact mix of targeted display, programmatic and email communications.[2]

International recruitment solutions

How The Student Room can support your goals


Email - effective audience engagement

The Student Room is where students come to find answers, connections and a sense of belonging. Due to this positive relationship, emails are warmly received by our student users.

This, combined with the scale and targetability of our international audience, makes The Student Room the clear choice for your international email campaigns.


Content or forum sponsorship - leveraging applicants' interests 

International students have plenty of questions about studying in the UK. They come to our forums (such as the International Lounge) and read our articles to find answers.

You can position your brand in high-traffic locations and target international applicants based on their needs. Perhaps you want to advertise specific subjects? Or scholarship opportunities? (if so, why not sponsor an article about the cost of UK study?).

Article examples:
Studying in the UK
How to apply to uni in the UK as an international student
How much does it cost international students to go to university in the UK?


Display and offsite retargeting - always front-of-mind

Boost brand awareness among your ideal international demographic by positioning your display ads in strategic locations, both on and off The Student Room site. Your international prospects will see your university brand when they visit key advice articles or forums targeted at international students.

Even after students leave our platform, our programmatic solution, Ada, will continue to serve your ads in brand-safe locations on other websites.


The Uni Guide - 87,000 international users monthly

Prospective undergraduates from around the world can quickly find a UK-based university or course they are interested in on The Uni Guide. By adding lead buttons to your university profile, you can quickly funnel this high-value traffic into your applicant pipeline - you only pay for leads or click-throughs to your website.

You can also maximise your brand exposure by boosting your university to the top of the search results.

Notes on data and packages:
[1] The Student Room data, Traffic by country, average annual pageviews, Feb 2022 - Jan 2023
[2] Pricing varies depending on target country or countries. Please enquire for more information.

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