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It's going to be an exciting year for The Student Room and this page enables us to share with you the latest developments and releases to improve the user experience for both students and recruiters across our sites.

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What's new...

Discover actionable student insights with CAMPUS Lens™

CAMPUS Lens™ is our new live reporting dashboard powered by our advanced AI and data suite, CAMPUS Brain™ .

With continuous student engagement on our site and a wealth of student discussions, CAMPUS Lens™ consolidates this data to help you and your colleagues better understand students in relation to their peers.

What does it mean for you and your university?

With access to real-time data, including competitor comparisons and student journey insights from Year 11 right through to postgraduate level, CAMPUS Lens™ provides unique and actionable insights to enhance your marketing and recruitment strategies.

If you are already one of our UPP Unlimited clients, we will be in touch to get you set up and to arrange a session where we'll guide you through the dashboards, allowing you to see everything it has to offer firsthand.

If you want to hear more about our new UPP package and how you can access CAMPUS Lens™ please get in touch.

Reports live and accessible now include:

Introducing Unlimited Postgraduate Leads

We’re excited to announce the expansion of our successful lead capture services for universities. Building on the success and value of undergraduate lead capture on The Uni Guide and The Student Room, your university can now obtain unlimited postgraduate leads from The Student Room.

With 2 million monthly visits from students at an age of third year uni or older to The Student Room and 120,000+ page views in our Postgraduate Applications forum, this new extension will help you meet and exceed your applicant enquiry targets for prospective postgraduate students.

CRM Integration

We’re also excited to announce that both undergraduate and postgraduate leads can now be seamlessly integrated into your own CRM system. This integration will:

  • Streamline data handling: Reducing manual entry and minimising errors, ensuring data is captured accurately and efficiently.
  • Improve response time: Allows real-time handling of leads, ensuring students receive prompt and personalised responses.
  • Enhance student experience: Provides a tailored and efficient journey for prospective students, improving their overall experience with your university.

To learn more about how these new features can benefit your university through UPP Unlimited, please get in touch.

Coming soon...

Rebrand of The Uni Guide

Following the relaunch of The Student Room brand in January, we will be looking to bring The Uni Guide closer into our branded house over the summer.

Applying some of The Student Room brand guidelines over into The Uni Guide, will create a strong, coherent and recognisable brand identity for the site that helps to engage our audiences.

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