The latest updates and improvements from The Student Room

It's going to be an exciting year for The Student Room and this page enables us to share with you the latest developments and releases to improve the user experience for both students and recruiters across our sites.

New registrations on site

Figures for 1st March – 31st March

Year 11 new registrations
Year 12 new registrations
Year 13 new registrations

What's new...

New data capture on The Student Room and The Uni Guide

This has

  • Improved the UX
  • Driving personalisation on site and email
  • Boosted completion rates
  • Capturing core education data points about our users

55% of users complete the first question on The Student Room
90% of users complete the first question on The Uni Guide

Developments in AI moderation

Automated and human informed moderation to keep student safe by using AI from Google’s Counter Abuse Technology Team.​

New posts are scored in various toxicity categories.​

When thresholds are hit, we can immediately and automatically notify the moderators and in extreme instances auto remove the content from the site.

Closing of old threads

To enhance user experience we will be looking to close old threads of longer than 12 months. This ensure users are engaging in current and relevant discussions.

Also in recent weeks...

Soft launch of new app

As we shared in late 2023, we have been busy working on our new app for The Student Room.

It is available to download on Apple and Google app stores and have been rolling it out as a soft launch. This has been to a group of users who have found it organically and/or are an engaged group of existing TSR users. As a result they have helped us gather feedback and make refinements to enable us to ensure the launch, when rolled out to a wider audience, gives optimum user experience.

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