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It's going to be an exciting year for The Student Room and this page enables us to share with you the latest developments and releases to improve the user experience for both students and recruiters across our sites.

New registrations on site

Figures for 1st November – 30th November

Year 11 new registrations
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What's new...

We're getting a brand new look!

Since the launch of The Student Room more than two decades ago, we have welcomed millions of students seeking assistance with their education, life, and future careers. Throughout this period, both the higher education landscape and the student community have undergone significant transformations. However, our core mission has remained unwavering: to provide a safe and welcoming space where students can receive genuine advice and support from an online student community.

While our mission has persevered, our brand has stayed largely unchanged for the past decade. Unlike our audience, which evolved and modernised, we risked becoming outdated. And so, as we embark on a new year, The Student Room will be presenting a brand new look!

Striking new logo and strapline
Our unique symbol is based on the idea of bringing together multiple conversations and discussions.

Leading with the students (our primary audience), our four bold and graphic speech bubbles take on the form of the letter ‘S’. By leading with this letterform, it puts the students at the front and centre of the visual identity. The logo is supported by a bright and inspiring colour palette on site.

We'll be rolling this out on site over the next few months as well as exciting new product developments for 2024.

Also in recent weeks...

Soft launch of new app

As we shared with you in October, we have been busy working on our new app for The Student Room.

We're excited to announce it is now available in app stores to download and as we start to roll the app out, we'll be continuing to gather user feedback and make refinements. 

Initial user testing delivered some really positive feedback including

“Easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for”

“Simple and clean UI”

“Looks great and simple to navigate and use”

We'll have more to show and tell in the coming weeks but please have a look for yourselves

Apple users can download from here
Android users from here

New thread experience

A lot has changed in all the years we've been around - but we've always been here to support students and connect them when it comes to making the big decisions.

And soon, we're going to be doing that better than ever. In the next few weeks, you'll see some changes to the site as we move over to a new modern design on thread pages called ‘React’. Here's what we've improved:

💻 Updated the discussions look and feel
💻 Faster site to get the information you need quicker
💻 Easier to start new discussions and reply to current ones

 All Official Reps at universities will be moving over to this. We have sent them a PM about this but please get your reps to check their messages for more details.

Data capture on The Uni Guide

As previously mentioned, we now are collecting more data points for new students registering for an account via The Uni Guide.

Data points collected include universities they are interested in and subjects they are interested in. We're seeing some great results on data field completion, with capture for study level and year group data points having over an 80% completion rate. 

Ongoing testing and developments...

As mentioned in previous updates, we are continuously testing and refining processes and features to improve the user and client experience.

One of these areas is reviewing the impact of first party data versus permutive to assess and improve performance where required. 

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