Sign up: 2022 webinars

Sense of belonging - live panel

10.30am Tuesday 20 September



Catch up: 2022 webinars

The Student Voice - live panel

3.30pm Tuesday 12 July

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How to connect with students during Clearing

2 - 3pm Tuesday 21 June

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For Official Reps: Clearing training

10am - 11am Tuesday 21 June

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Recruitment events post-pandemic

2pm Tuesday 14 June
In collaboration with Revolution Viewing

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Student Voice March 2022

10am - 11am Thursday 17 March

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How to stand out from the crowd over Clearing

10am - 11am Tuesday 22 February

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Catch up on webinars from previous years

The Covid Cohort: 2022 applicants

10am - 11am Tuesday 23 November

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How students are feeling and how to communicate

10am - 11am Wednesday 28 July

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Clearing Official Rep Training

10am - 11am Wednesday 30 June

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Understanding 2022 applicants

10am - 11am Thursday 6 May

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What does all this reporting mean?

10am - 11am Tuesday 13 April

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How to make your Clearing creative not suck

10am - 11am Wednesday 24 Feb

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Grow your early talent pool - recruitment

Wednesday 28 Oct

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The new normal: student recruitment in 2021

Tuesday 29 Sept

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Why universities need a direct response strategy

Wednesday 23rd Sept

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How to optimise your university prospectus creative

Wednesday 22nd July

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Building a university marketing strategy

Wednesday 15 July

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Recruiting high achieving students

Wednesday 17 June

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Building your digital communities

Wednesday 3 June

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Covid-19 student data round-Up

Wednesday 27 May

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Creating digital experiences

Thursday 14 May. Find out how to create, test and optimise your UX.

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Student accommodation 2020

8 April. We delivered free training and student insights for the accommodation sector, to help them support students during the Covid-19 crisis.

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Official Rep Covid-19

1 & 2 April. We delivered free student engagement training for education providers.

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International recruitment 2020

1 April. Get insights from our recent webinar training session.
Watch the video and digest the research and key takeaways below.

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Clearing 2020

19 February. Maximise your Clearing campaign.
Get free research from the Clearing training webinar that will transform your marketing.

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Postgraduate recruitment 2020

29 January. Read reports, surveys and polls about the youth market.

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