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Clearing solutions on The Student Room

The number one destination for students applying through Clearing. We create winning marketing campaigns that will smash your Clearing student recruitment targets:

Clearing media pack coming soon

University Partner Pack (UPP)

Connect with Clearing applicants at every stage of the journey

The ultimate student recruitment and engagement tool. Let students know what's special about your university using a rich, multi-media profile on our site and get to the heart of key conversations as they happen using Official Reps. An UPP includes:

Ask us about bolt-on remarketing and TheUniGuide packages to get extra value.



High visibility campaigns for ultimate exposure in a space students trust

All campaigns are highly targeted, meaning every impression makes a powerful impact on a receptive student audience. We serve your ads alongside our top-performing Clearing content, securing you the maximum traffic, exposure, and engagement rates.

Our experts put different creatives through a rigorous testing process and optimise towards the best-performing ad formats, so you get brilliant results.

Clearing button

Clearing button - only 10 spots in August

Clearing buttons grab applicants' attention throughout the peak Clearing period

Prominent and strategic ad placement across The Student Room site during the key Clearing window (mid-July - end of August). Your button stands out, prompting applicants to find out more by clicking-through.

We also offer creative direction to ensure your advert achieves the highest possible response rate.

A minimum of 1 million impressions guaranteed.

Clearing Forum Alert

Clearing Forum Sponsorship

Sponsor a forum to maximise your exposure to Clearing applicants

This excellent brand awareness campaign lets you takeover a forum with high-impact display. Make an impression where students are making important decisions about Clearing. You can choose from a range of application and subject-specific forums to target your ideal audience.

Applicants will mentally associate your brand with useful content that helped them to plan their futures.



Sponsor advertorials in our Clearing and Adjustment Hub 

Build an authentic, trusting relationship based on supporting applicants when they really need your advice.

Our editorial team has identified useful, inspiring and engaging content that will empower students to take action and apply through Clearing and Adjustment. In 2020, our articles averaged 2,107 pageviews and achieved dwell times of up to 3  minutes 37 seconds. Co-brand with The Student Room to leverage the trust students place in our platform and position your brand as the authoritative voice on your chosen topic.

Roadblock your content with display advertising for a winning solution that encourages engagement amongst undecided or unplaced students.

TSR Talks

TSR Talks

Your experts attract Clearing applicants

Showcase your most inspiring experts and use their star power to attract Clearing applicants. Your Guest Speaker will author a discussion and respond to students' questions live on our platform. We'll promote your TSR Talk and roadblock competitor ads so that only your brand will appear on your page for a year. You'll also get expert youth engagement training.

We only host one TSR Talk per month, so book early to secure dates in Clearing.



Reach our entire Clearing database or book a targeted send to your ideal audience

On average, over 55,000 users per year opt-in to receive Clearing updates from universities like you

84% of otp-ins declare at least one subject interest. We can also send targeted emails to applicants based on their location and/or subject preferences. Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze regions are:

  • London
  • Midlands
  • SE England
  • NW England
  • International
  • E England
  • SW Yorkshire & the Humber
  • SW England
  • NE England
  • Wales

Our Clearing emails perform exceptionally well, with an average open rate of 21% in 2020 and 27.2% in 2019.



Text students about Clearing in Results Week

Your message will be a life-line for students who are finding out whether or not they've got into university. We focus SMS sends on Results Week to maximise the impact and relevance of your Clearing campaign.

On average, 15,881 users* opt-in to receive Clearing information via SMS each year. Because our users have requested these updates, our SMS activity gets an impressive average click-to-send rate of over 10%*

We can send your texts to our full database or target a particular subject. Subject-specific sends are popular and allocated first-come, first-served.

*(average 2018 and 2019)

Email listicle

Listicle emails

The budget-friendly way to reach a minimum of 100,000 recipients

Feature in a listicle email to reach a huge student audience for a low cost. Listicle emails feature a maximum of four other advertisers (one premium slot and four standard).

These emails give students a high value, authentic user experience because they offer choice, so our average open rate well-exceeds industry benchmarks at 27.4%.



Convert Clearing applicants with our powerful direct response tool

We add eye-catching lead capture buttons to your university profile on our sister site, TheUniGuide. TheUniGuide is a university comparison site for applicants who are making their final university choices; it attracts over 444,000 monthly users.

Guarantee a great return on your investment with our fixed price cost-per-action model.

Uni email

Competitor targeted email or SMS

Reach applicants who are interested in your closest competitors

Competitor targeting drives amazing performance by focussing your message on a high intent audience. Tell us who your top ten competitors are and we will build a bespoke database of Clearing applicants who are expressly interested in those universities (and yours). Your email or SMS will reach applicants in the run-up to A-level Results Day, ensuring your university is front-of-mind during the prime consideration stage of their decision-making journey.

Available to a maximum of 10 clients (August pre-results day send).

Ada - the market-leading programmatic solution

Reach your audience anywhere on the web and track conversions

Retarget and convert Clearing applicants who have already shown a strong interest in your courses or university.

Our pioneering programmatic solution, Ada, is the perfect complement to your onsite campaign. Ada finds your audience and serves your ads in brand-safe environments offsite.  See how it's worked for Aston University.

With 81% average viewability - the highest in the HE sector - we ensure your Clearing campaign gets exceptional results. 

Subject-specific marketing - Email and SMS

Target applicants who have opted-in to hear about specific courses

84% of Clearing opt-ins declared at least one subject interest. Target Clearing applicants who are showing a strong interest in your course or faculty. Gold, Silver and Bronze targeted sends available by email and SMS:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Biological Sciences
  • Business & Management
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Mathematics
  • Medicine
  • Other Healthcare Professions
  • Psychology
  • Art, Design, Creative Studies
  • Criminology
  • Dentistry
  • Education & Teaching
  • English Literature
  • Geography, Geology & Environment
  • History
  • Languages & Linguistics 
  • Marketing
  • Nursing
  • Philosophy & Theology
  • Physics
  • Politics
  • Religious Studies
  • Sociology
  • Architecture, Building & Planning
  • Drama, Theatre, Music & Performance Studies
  • Information, Journalism & Media
  • Sport Science
  • Veterinary Medicine

Our course-specific inventory is sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

How we measure your campaign

We provide an end of campaign report to give you a deep understanding of the performance of our Clearing products against your campaign objectives.

We use a variety of metrics including:

  • Traffic - Click-through rates
  • Viewability
  • Conversion tracking for programmatic campaigns
  • Email open and click-to-open rates
  • SMS send numbers
  • Pageviews and dwell time on content

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