Promoting postgraduate study

Target your applicants with impactful communications optimised for the postgraduate decision-making cycle.

Inspire and attract talent

Through The Student Room, you can access highly-engaged postgraduate prospects who are looking at content about further study. The site gets 1.7 million monthly users aged 22 or older and attracts a monthly average of 100,000+ page views to postgrad applications content.

Our student recruitment approach is informed by data from over twenty years of HE campaigns and research, as well as student insights and direct feedback from our online community. This means we can advise you on what to say and when to say it to get the best response from potential postgraduate students.

We can support every stage of your campaign from research and early engagement to prospect conversion and post-campaign reporting.

Build brand awareness and optimise early engagement

Our research team can help you understand and connect with prospective applicants by surveying students or testing your communications on real student audiences. Brand awareness is crucial in the early decision-making stages, so we can position your university brand in high traffic areas of our site where your impressions will make a lasting impact. You can also use an Official Rep to answer questions and promote your university on applicant threads.

 Recommended solutions: Research, Official Rep, email, and display advertising.

Inform and influence prospective applicants

Prospective postgraduate students are looking for information on The Student Room, so why not sponsor our most popular articles? Examples here and here. You will be seen and remembered by students who are sending strong signals that they are considering applying soon. You can also run a TSR Talk to engage directly with students who have questions about postgraduate study.

 Recommended solutions: TSR Talks, sponsored content

Target your ideal audience

Do you have specific audience criteria in mind? We can target your postgraduate prospects based on their intended location for study, their subject preferences and their online behaviour (for example, if they have recently looked up postgraduate courses or read articles about postgraduate funding).

 Recommended solutions: Targeted email, targeted display, and programmatic (offsite retargeting).

Be positioned where students are seeking advice

Your brand will be displayed across the platform where thousands of prospects seek advice about postgraduate qualifications. View postgraduate forum.

Communicate your messages with student applicants who are already researching relevant content. View postgraduate resources, advice and content.

Our range of unique student marketing solutions can influence postgraduates' decisions as they’re being made.

Fill your courses with talented students

We use our expertise in postgraduate students' motivations and behaviours to deliver the right messages, at the right times. Discover our proven strategies that engage, delight and convert your target audience.

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