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Why target Freshers?

Can your brand help Freshers fit in at university? University is an important milestone and a chance for students to experiment with how they express themselves. It may be the first time they've had autonomy over their spending choices, so earn their brand loyalty now.

Freshers have long shopping lists because they need everything from clothing, stationery and laptops, to bank accounts and kitchenware.

On average, university students have a monthly disposable income of £100 - £300, and £286 to spend in Freshers Week alone.

Why The Student Room?

Gen Z students tend to be very considered with their shopping, with 44% planning their purchases. The Student Room is a trusted peer-to-peer community where young people research their purchases. We have rich first-party data about students aged 14 - 24 (demographics, interests and onsite behaviour), so your campaign can be highly targeted.

Freshers are most likely to be shopping one to four weeks before starting university (so August and early September is the ideal time to engage).

Exceptional brand awareness

"The team was responsive and reactive through-out the campaign, and played a huge role in helping us to beat target reach by over 25%"
Digital Manager, Wavemaker (Nationwide campaign)

Explore our latest products and packages which are designed to maximise your brand exposure over this key purchase period.

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Brand awareness

With twenty years' experience in the youth market, we understand what motivates youth spending behaviour.

Brand awareness can make or break your youth marketing strategy because those initial upper funnel touchpoints build a sense of trust and familiarity at a time when students are still forming brand preferences.

We can help you cut through the noise of your competitors by maximising your brand exposure to students who align with your brand and are indicating a high propensity to spend. Last year, we surveyed 972 students, asking: "How do you find out about brands most often?" and the most popular response was online advertising (47%).

Direct response

Need to boost acquisition in the youth market?

Using our knowledge of the student journey, we ensure your message reaches your target audience and lands at the ideal time to maximise conversions.

Students trust The Student Room as a source of useful, relevant information, which means you can enjoy well above-average response rates from onsite activity, email and retargeting campaigns.

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