Student sentiment decks

Our Student Sentiment Updates provide a snapshot of the conversations young people are having on The Student Room. From these updates, you can read students’ own accounts of their thoughts, worries and experiences.

Latest deck: 3 August – 28 August 2022

Key insights from this deck include:

  • Before results: Half felt they’d missed the grades for their firm choice university, 40% were expecting to use clearing, 66% of yr13s were collecting results in person
  • Results: SQA students had mixed reactions to their results, A-level (and equivalent) students had their results expectations met less than in 2021, GCSE (and equivalent) students were happier than they expected with their results
  • Looking ahead: Freshers want life skills and money management support most
  • As another cohort begin their university applications, we learned The Student Room helps most by connecting university applicants with peers and current students

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