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Be front and centre of university applicants' minds as they research their options and shape their university and course choices.

Applicants on The Student Room

Why not tap into the UK's largest student community to supercharge your recruitment?

Thousands of your prospective applicants are highly active on our site from when they start Year 13 in September to the application deadline in January.

1.5M monthly users are interested in our "applying to university" content.

They’re looking for university Open Days, seeking support to write personal statements, and asking peers for advice on what course to take or which university to go to. We can put your brand in front of the Year 13s who are most likely to apply.

Early engagement, youth research and brand awareness 

400,000 Year 12s visit our site each month seeking advice about their next steps. Plant the seed of brand recognition while they are open to options in the early stages of the decision-making journey. 

The Student Room offers targeted display, content sponsorship and industry-leading retargeting advertising to ensure you are noticed at the right time and in the right place.

In addition to our core marketing solutions, our team of expert consultants can produce detailed research on Year 12s and Year 13s.

Research options

Deep engagement

You've established brand awareness, now you need to build an emotional connection with applicants so that they feel your university is the only place for them to be.

We know a range of highly effective and creative ways to achieve this - hold a TSR Talk, connect with them directly with an Official Rep (you get three accounts with your University Partner Pack), build a sense of gratitude and reciprocity by sponsoring content which helps them make important decisions, or foster some serious FOMO (we'll show you how).

For more on our digital solutions visit this page:

Digital campaigns to engage applicants


Now it's crunch time, will they choose you or one of your competitors?

Our deep understanding of the student journey means we can target applicants in our community who have a strong interest in your courses or institution, then send them messages at just the right moment. Our targeted emails or listicles are great for story-telling and converting applicants.

If the numbers are your top priority, The Uni Guide is targeted at applicants who are in the final stage of the decision-making journey and delivers website visits, prospectus downloads, open day bookings and applicant leads on a cost-per-lead basis.

The Uni Guide

Open Day marketing

Whether you offer in-person events, virtual open days, or a blend of the two, students have consistently told us that open days are key to their decision-making process.

The Student Room has a wide variety of results-driven approaches proven to maximise awareness, drive registrations and boost turn-out for your open day events. Why not try an open day listicle?

You can get the latest student insights on how students feel about open days by visiting our blog or signing up for our newsletter. You can also find out more about open day packages on our dedicated page:

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Drive Open Day registrations

Edge Hill University’s recent Open Day campaign delivered excellent results and contributed to their most successful Open Day in five years.

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