TSR Talks

Where your experts draw the crowd

What is a TSR Talk?

If you’ve got a message that young people need to hear, we have the solution: TSR Talks. We put your most enthusiastic experts centre-stage on the UK’s largest online student platform. Showcase what you are brilliant at, and give students the unforgettable experience of having real-time conversations with leaders in their chosen field.

Just let us know what you want to cover and our in-house team will help you create a thread that inspires and engages our student users. We’ll also signpost users to your expert as the authoritative voice on your chosen topic, and promote your talk for two weeks to attract a large and relevant audience.

By matching your brand positioning goals with our students’ needs, we deliver maximum engagement from your campaign. This package includes:

TSR Talk thread + roadblocked with your ads for one year

Start a conversation with our students and continue to reap the rewards from your content campaign a year later

In addition to the fantastic exposure you’ll get from running a lively forum discussion, we’ll ensure no-one else’s ads display on your thread for a whole year.

That means that long after your TSR Talk is over, you’ll continue to gain brand visibility and attract traffic from students who visit your thread.


Guest Speaker account (1 month) + youth engagement training

Students will recognise your speaker as a high-profile, renowned expert 

We’ll make sure students are fully aware of how impressive and inspiring your Guest Speaker and is so that they are eager to engage in your TSR Talk. (To identify your speaker across our site, your Guest Speaker account profile also includes a badge marking you as a trusted source of information.)

Additional support: Our Community Team can deliver free youth engagement team to give you great tips on things like student vernacular and acronyms, how often to post, and how to position your responses to maximise engagement and show your organisation in the best light.


How we measure your campaign

We provide an end of campaign report to help you fully understand how your campaign has performed against industry and The Student Room’s own benchmarks.

We use a variety of metrics including:

  • Traffic
  • Click-through rates
  • Pageviews and dwell time on content
  • Impressions delivered across the campaign
  • Posts on your thread

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