The Uni Guide: powerful direct response marketing

Supercharge your applicant pipeline with high volumes of student leads and website traffic.


What is The Uni Guide?

The Uni Guide is a trusted, impartial university comparison platform which empowers prospective students to make informed choices about which universities to shortlist.

The clean and simple user interface sends a clear message that the site is designed for applicants in the final stages of their decision-making journey.

Applicants can search by course, location and institution, so your leads are highly-qualified.

user on TheUniGuide

The Uni Guide audience - 325,000 users a month (24.6% international)

High-intent university applicants searching for your location and courses.

These users have already decided to attend university, and now they just need to choose one. Make sure your university is considered when applicants are short-listing their options.

11,377,195 pageviews in 2021.*

3.9M users in 2021*

Sources:  * Internal data, 1/1/21 - 1/12/21

TUG buttons

How we capture your leads - direct response buttons

Eye-catching buttons prompt applicants to take action by visiting your website or filling in a form. The buttons appear on your listing and on every section of your profile. All data forms include a consent tick box, allowing you to contact your leads:

  1. Request info | Students send you an enquiry along with their data
  2. Get prospectus | Students provide their data in exchange for your prospectus
  3. Visit website | Students are redirected to your university website
  4. Open Days | Students specify which open day they will attend and provide data

Reaching a wider applicant audience - similar courses

Our similar courses functionality drives more users to your page when they search for university courses that are similar to your offering (see example).

Over 8% of all applicant leads come from redirects provided by the Similar Courses button (in some cases, the Similar Courses button has driven 40% of a university's leads).

This means that if you do not have this feature enabled, you could be losing valuable leads to your competitors.

Sources: Internal data, 1/7/21 - 31/12/21

The Uni Guide case studies

Read examples of how The Uni Guide packages have already delivered thousands of applicant leads for other universities.


Strong performance

During Clearing 2021, we saw a tenfold YoY increase in leads generated and a 75% increase in average click-through rate on the conversion buttons.

In September 2021, The Uni Guide generated six times more applicant leads via conversion buttons than last year.

We are now hoping to continue working with The Student Room on The Uni Guide for 2022 entry.Debra Gardinar - Edge Hill University

Campaign results and reporting

We send you leads in real-time. The applicant forms capture the following data:

  • Applicant's name
  • Location (country)
  • Year they want to start university
  • Applicant's email
  • Consent opt in: by ticking a box they agree to be contacted and/or receive information from your university
  • Telephone number (optional)
  • Postcode (optional)
  • Which open day they plan to attend (open day form only)
  • Free text for enquiries (request info form only)

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