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A budget-friendly way to reach thousands of students. Our listicle emails feature a maximum of four other advertisers, so your message will grab our students' attention. Download your pack:

Why should you feature in our listicle emails?

Benefits of The Student Room listicle emails:

  • Reach more students without spending more  - by splitting the cost of an email send with other organisations you can target a larger audience
  • Leverage our relationship with students - our users trust us to send them useful content and viable options
  • Build brand awareness and deepen your connection with students - you can keep reminding students what you have to offer by booking slots over a longer period of time (without having to pay solus rates each time)

How it works - choose premium or standard slots

Our listicle emails feature one premium slot and up to four standard slots. Discounts available for multiple bookings.

Our email templates have been tested and optimised to maximise response rates. Your listing will feature an image, text copy and a call-to-action button linking students directly to your preferred URL (tech specs here). We recommend the premium slot for the greatest impact. Why not book a series of premium or standard slots to build brand awareness and reinforce your message? Get up to 30% off when you book a series of emails.*


Audience - targeting the right students for you

Each email is sent to at least 100,000 students. Rich first-party data allows us to identify and target your ideal prospects.

We build your audience by choosing the students who are most likely to respond to your message. Listicle emails are sent to users who have already engaged with strongly related threads or forums, or who match other key criteria such as study level, interests or location. In some cases, your audience will include an "opt in" list  -  students who have actively chosen to receive updates from our clients relating to a specific topics (e.g. Clearing).

open days

Who we've worked with - client success stories

Overall, our listicle email open rates averaged 1.78% higher than the UK industry benchmarks across all sectors. For non-education sector sends (such as recruitment, government and student accommodation), the click-to-open rates averaged 3% higher than the benchmarks. Here are some powerful success stories for the education sector:

University 1
A Welsh university booked a standard spot in a summer virtual open days campaign and received 520 unique clicks.

University 2
An international studies university held the premium slot in a spring open days campaign that boasted an impressive open rate of over 31%. The university achieved 626 unique clicks, while the four standard slots were also successful, averaging 289 clicks per university.

University 3
A less well-known university booked an August clearing campaign listicle and gained huge exposure, with a massive open rate of 33%. The university booked the premium slot and received 1323 unique clicks.

Your end of campaign report

We provide you with a full breakdown of how your campaign has performed against your objectives and industry benchmarks in your end of campaign report.

Your report will include:

  • Total sends
  • Unique opens, OR%
  • Total clicks, unique clicks, CTR%
  • Click-to-open rate
  • Industry benchmarks

* 30% discount applies to non-edu sectors. Maximum discount available for the education sector is 20%.

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