The TSR Student Advisory Board

Our team of Year 11 – 13 students who share with us their experiences, challenges and opinions throughout the year. They inspire us to provide support that is firmly grounded in real student experiences.

What is the Student Advisory Board?

At The Student Room, our passion is helping students. We are a trusted space where young people can discuss and discover their futures, together. So who better to help guide the work we do to nurture that space, than young people themselves?

This is where our Student Advisory Board comes in. Young people from across England who, for one year, share their time and opinions with us as they and their peers navigate their student world. We work together in a series of board meetings across the academic year, and maintain a constant dialogue in our top secret SAB forum.

So whether it’s understanding how students are making decisions about their futures, how their wellbeing is going and what support they need, or testing our latest TSR innovations, we’ve got students’ input at every phase of what we do. In combination with the expertise of our incredible Volunteer Team, the guidance of our member community and a keen eye on the landscape of the ever-changing education sector, we’re excited about what the future holds for students, and crucially, how we can empower them to reach their potential.

Introducing some of our advisory board…

Sol (Year 11)

I’m currently in year 11 studying GCSE’s. I joined the student advisory board to be able to share my views and perspectives on current problems that I think are important and should be talked about more. It was a chance to meet new people and experience new opportunities.

Keanu (Year 12)

I’m a Year 12 student, who’s studying for their A-levels, namely, Computing, Maths and Psychology, and who is a computer wizard. I joined the Student Advisory Board, as I am deeply passionate to give a better quality experience to UK students year-on-year, by providing useful insights about the system to students, as well as providing useful insights about students’ experiences to organisations like UCAS, employers, etc.

Josephine (Year 13)

Hi. My name is Josephine and I’m a Year 13 student. I study A Levels in Biology, Law and Politics alongside an EPQ about anaesthesia and medical research. I joined the Student Advisory Board because I want to help give all students a voice, no matter what background they come from, as well as helping to inform students of all the opportunities that are open to them!

Ceridwen (Year 12)

I’m currently in Year 12 and studying my A-Levels. I joined the Student Advisory Board because I am passionate about helping this generation and the next generation of students have the support that they need, and improving their experience in the education system, as it can be a rough time.

Ahmed (Year 12)

I’m Ahmed in year 12 studying a levels. I joined the SAB to help support student room in providing a great experience and support for current and future students.

Mariam (Year 13)

Hi my name is Mariam . I’m in Year 13 studying a levels . The current a levels I’m studying are Physics , Maths and geography. I joined the student room advisory board as I wanted a new opportunity to express my opinions and feelings which affect students on a day to day basis . I hope to make a positive impact alongside like minded people.

Sarah (Apprentice)

My name is Sarah. I am a new Business and Admin Apprentice at my local Council and I am currently taking part in Work Experience at the Council as well. I am also part of my local Youth Council and wanted to join the Student Advisory Board so that I can offer advice and support for students in the UK.

Shazia (Year 12)

My name is Shazia and I’m a Year 12 student currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Psychology. I joined the Student Advisory Board as I think I can make a positive change for students in terms of increasing motivation and not giving up on studies! We need to recognise the fact that students are humans too – we all get tired at some point and hit a low and that is okay! It’s the getting back up that counts and I hope to find strategies and solutions to keep us on track!

Want to know more about what students are thinking?

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