Enhance your reputation with direct engagement

Using real representatives to engage with students in a place they trust is a powerful way of managing PR, building connections and empowering decision-making.

A trusted channel of direct communication with an influential audience

The Student Room is the place where conversations happen.

Our users are talking about you, their next steps and the things that matter to them. You can be at the heart of these opinion-forming discussions.

Make your brand accessible to our users by engaging directly with forum posts and addressing users’ concerns and misconceptions. This real-time engagement product has become a vital social media tool for many of our partners.

Our expert training team will get your Official Reps up to speed quickly and guide you every step of the way.

  • Utilise your student ambassadors, alumni and academics to build authentic engagement
  • Reply to real questions in relevant forums in a timely manner
  • Set up alerts and receive notifications every time a user mentions your brand or chosen keywords
  • Weekly online training and annual networking events

What our clients think

“Being an Official Rep on The Student Room has been incredibly beneficial for us. Having the opportunity to connect with students directly is invaluable and we can answer their questions, worries and concerns with factual advice and guidance and not hearsay or rumour.”

 – Undergraduate Campaign Officer, Loughborough University

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