Exam season 2024

We share the latest updates from our student community on how students are feeling post-exam and talk on site.


Exam season updates

WEEK 2-3 (Catch up here)


10th - 14th June

The end of exams is in sight for Year 13 students, while for GCSE students, the majority are done and dusted and planning for proms. Last week saw 4.6 million pageviews on site (10th-16th June) and posts by Year 13 students in Universities and Uni Courses forum up 36% YoY.

Below is a snapshot of some of the more popular subject papers sat last week...


Overall feelings for this exam are positive, with 43% of students saying that the exam went great; and increase of 26% from last years poll results. Similar votes for ‘quite well’ from 46% in 2023 to 43% in 2024. Students sharing concerns that this will impact on grade boundaries.

Easiest thing ive ever done

Literally had two hrs of sleep for nothing the test went so well 😭 except the ph curve 5 marker cuz I only revised it this morning 💀. Grade boundaries are gonna be so high

i normally have 10 mins at the end to check, but i had 35 mins this time. thought multiple choice were really easy, much more basic than some past questions. overall great paper, probably my best yet. high grade boundaries though hah, 95% for an A* (jk)

MATHS (Paper 2)

There are many similarities in the poll results from 2023 to 2024. In 2023, 23.11% of respondents say they felt that the exam went ‘Great’, nearly identical to 2024 where 23.53% voted for this option. However, there was a slight decrease of 5% of those who felt that the exam went ‘Quite Well’ from 2023 to 2024. The most significant change was among those who felt that the exam went ‘Terribly’, with an increase of 38.4%, as reflected in their comments on site.

Hardest paper I’ve ever done it just wasn’t it for me no a* that’s for sure, paper 1 was very good compared to this one

Horrible. Not getting into uni

BIOLOGY (Paper 2)

Although those that have selected that they found this exam went ‘terribly’ has nearly doubled from 2023 to 2024, the majority of other votes remained close between 2023 and 2024; with those voting for ‘quite well’ still taking a lead at nearly 49% of votes.

Comments are mixed, with many sharing concerns for paper 3 and potential grade boundaries but overall feelings are positive following a similar pattern to paper 1.  

my god this paper was bad

Pulled all nighters and been revising unstoppable for a week js for me to accidentally miss 2 full pages on my alevel biology paper 2 (7 mrks) and a 2 marker calculation qs. didn't realise until the last minute when the invigilator was collecting them, Ive been crying abt it the whole day but idk lol its kinda stupid 😀

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