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At the start of April 2020, we delivered free student engagement training for education providers. University forum posts have increased 45% in March 2020 (vs 2019) since Covid-19.
Watch the video recording and read the key takeaways from the webinars.

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Watch the video: Official Rep webinars

In this video, Grace Joyce (Community Manager) gives you an insight into how Covid-19 is affecting student recruitment, including:

  • Student sentiment tracking and behavioural analysis - we monitor and share key onsite trends so that you can respond to students' needs as they constantly evolve
  • How to communicate with students - what to say, pitfalls to avoid, tone of voice, and when to reach out
  • Ways we can support you in 2020 - including a free demonstration of UPP (the ultimate direct engagement tool)

"Should I panic firm a uni now?"
"How will my application be affected?"
"Should I take a gap year?"
Year 13 users on The Student Room

  • Support students by understanding their needs
    • 61% of students don't think their grades will be fair
    • 15% of students are thinking of changing their university choice due to covid-19
    • Most popular topics include: exam cancellations, universities going online, Coronavirus megathread
  • What to say
    • Students still need your guidance on the usual questions, like "which uni should I go to?", "what should I study?" and "which uni is best for X subject?"
    • Share relevant, useful and engaging content
    • Stick to facts and evidence
    • Be human, empathetic, transparent, informative and professional
    • You don't have to be serious all the time - if students are using humour, mirror their tone
    • Report worrying content and signpost resources for support

  • Use your The Student Room forums to connect with students
  • Tips for engaging on our site
    • Use your university name in thread titles
    • Don't engage with conspiracies, debates or arguments
    • Avoid being seen as an opportunist by using simple everyday language instead of marketing spiel
    • Use your Official Reps to earn students' trust and share key information

*Sources: The Student Room onsite activity and polls. 15% of students considering changing their uni.
61% of students don't think their results will be fair - poll on The Student Room (1698 respondents)

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