Vote and Tell: students vote on your prospectus design

What is Vote and Tell?

Optimise your university prospectus creative before you go to print by testing it on your target audience. Vote and Tell gets you fast, cost-effective and meaningful student feedback on up to three draft cover designs within four weeks.

It’s much easier and cheaper than running a focus group and you can capture the views of a huge audience. We run Vote and Tell online with a professional market researcher and at least 200* prospective students from diverse backgrounds. Our students will answer your questions, vote for their favourite cover image and give feedback on their choices.

Vote and Tell ensures your prospectus cover will excite, inspire and attract new students. Find out more about this package:

Designing your university prospectus creative test >>
How we run Vote and Tell  >>
Expert market researchers and clean methodology >>

Reporting and package rate card:
Your Vote and Tell analysis report >>
Rate card >>

For more information, check out our webinar introduction to this product here.

* The audience may be significantly larger than stated. We also offer audience targeting (e.g. by location or subject interest) – segmenting may reduce the stated audience testing numbers.


Designing your test – images and questions

Find out exactly what you want to know about your prospectus cover creatives

You provide up to three prospectus covers and specify two questions you want our student audience to answer. By using closed questions you get measurable quantitative data from the research.  Our experts are on hand to advise on the phrasing and content of the questions, if required, to ensure you get clear and actionable feedback from our student community.

vote and tell

Go live – how we run Vote and Tell

A virtual environment means we can run your creative review from anywhere

Running Vote and Tell online means we offer ultimate flexibility and can engage students from all across the UK. In contrast with a face-to-face focus group, Vote and Tell is not vulnerable to cancellation in the event of further Lockdown measures.

Vote and Tell is led by a market research specialist who is trained to extract the answers you are looking for from our student audience.


Expert market researchers – our  methodology

Your creative review is in the hands of highly experienced professionals

Our expert market researchers will use tried-and-tested methodologies to deliver “lightbulb” insights for your creative process.

Your university prospectus is a crucial document that deserves a thorough, professional creative review. Vote and Tell gives you the data to make informed image choices that will have a real impact on your student recruitment.

Your Vote and Tell analysis report

You’ll get powerful insights fast. We will send you a professional, detailed creative report within four weeks of your Vote and Tell session.

Your report will include:

  • Executive summary and introduction
  • Students’ top descriptive words for each of the three creatives
  • The student vote: what percentage our our audience chose each of the images
  • Qualitative comments from students about why they chose their favourite cover
  • Quantitative results from up to two closed questions

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