TSR Talks: ideal for your youth brand positioning strategy

students engaging with brand positioning content

Lead a discussion with your target youth market

TSR Talks offer direct high-level engagement with a youth audience in a digital space. You can showcase your value, test which communications resonate with young people, and steer their perceptions towards your brand positioning goals. You couldn’t possibly get closer to your target youth market. Your TSR Talks package includes:

TSR Talk to improve youth brand positioning

Guest Speaker account and thread

Start a discussion and engage as the expert Guest Speaker (1 month)

Use a discussion to connect with students and influence the values they are associating with your brand. Our expert team can advise you on the kinds of content that are currently getting the best engagement rates.

We make sure our students instantly recognise you as a trusted authority on your chosen topic by setting you up with a Guest Speaker profile. The badge that signifies you are an approved source of information.

girls engage with brand online

Youth engagement training

Our experts will show you how to get the best results from your youth engagement campaign

Your training session will cover what language to use, how to interact with young people and more practical tips about using your Guest Speaker profile effectively.

This is your opportunity to fully take advantage of our knowledge base by asking questions. You’ll also learn a few of our little tricks that could be the secret to your youth strategy’s success.

We’ll make sure you feel completely confident speaking with students and using this tool before you go live.

content roadblocked for brand ads

Traffic drivers and promotion

We maximise brand awareness with roadblocked ads, homepage promotion and 500,000 traffic drivers

Your brand and TSR Talk will feature prominently on our home page with an image and text. This prime ad placement means users can easily find and click through to your content. We’ll also deploy 500,000 traffic drivers to ensure you attract a large and relevant audience. Your thread is roadblocked with your brand ads for a full year, so you’ll stay front of mind long after your campaign is over.

youth uses mobile to view brand on social media

Social promotion

You get extra brand exposure from a highly-targeted social campaign

We are home to the UK’s largest student community, but to extend your reach even further we’ll also promote your TSR Talk on our social channels for two weeks.

Our sophisticated targeting methods ensure we’ll find you the perfect audience to align with your campaign goals.

How we measure your campaign

We provide an end of campaign report to show you how your campaign has performed and how this will impact your youth brand positioning strategy.

We use a variety of metrics including:

  • Replies to threads
  • Pageviews and dwell time on content
  • Clicks on ads
  • Pageviews and dwell time on content
  • Impressions delivered across the campaign

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