Freshers: Where they’re spending and what they want to know

We’re sharing insights and trends into the spending habits of prospective undergraduates; the influences on spending behaviour, purchase trends in preparation for university and market-leading brands. As well as this, we reveal popular content on The Student Room for freshers when it comes to uni life, whilst also giving you the first look into how you can get involved.

students at an open day

Students’ advice to improve Open Days

Open days are a highly influential tool when it comes to university decision-making. We asked users on The Student Room to share their thoughts on what makes a good open day, how universities could improve them, and what mobilises them to turn up.

YMS London – Largest youth marketing festival

In April, our very own Hannah Morrish who is the Student Choice and Education Lead at The Student Room will take to the mainstage of YMS London to present ‘Influencers killed the role model star – who inspires today’s Gen Z?’ She will be showcasing the very best of insights from the UK’s largest online student community and addressing your burning questions.

Youth market insights: Apprenticeships

With the rise of alternatives to higher education, such as degree apprenticeships, students now have more options to consider than ever before. This article summarises findings from our annual Options report about apprenticeships and demonstrates interesting ways and optimal times to engage prospective apprentices.