Sponsored content: what we need from you

Everything you’ll need to supply to get your content piece live

Your sponsored article

In order for your article to be updated by the agreed start date, we just need you to supply the following:

  • Your logo
  • Sponsorship copy
  • Comment from your experts
  • Advertising creatives and destination URL/s

Technical specifications are listed below. Please supply these assets to us at least five working days before your article sponsorship is due to begin. This will ensure your campaign begins on the agreed start date. Late receipt may affect delivery and/or performance.

Please send all assets to clientservices@thestudentroom.com

Your logo

  • W:270px H:236px
  • Max file size: 2mb
  • Available as: .PNG, .JPEG or .GIF

Sponsorship copy

  • Your own description of your brand, along with any outbound links you would like to include
  • Max 100 words

Comment from your experts (optional)

Roadblock creatives

Please supply the below images and a destination URL/s

Leaderboard (MLB)
W:728px H:90px
Max file size: 35kb
Available as: .PNG, .JPEG, .GIF or 3rd party tags

Mobile leaderboard (MLB)
W:320px H:50px
Max file size: 35kb
Available as: .PNG, .JPEG, .GIF or 3rd party tags

Mid page unit (MPU)
W: 300px H:250px
Max file size: 35kb
Available as: .PNG, .JPEG, .GIF or 3rd party tags

Half page unit (HPU)
W:300px H:600px
Max file size: 45kb
Available as: .PNG, .JPEG, .GIF or 3rd party tags

We are able to accept HTML5 creatives for the roadblocks. If you are planning on supplying HTML5 creatives please make sure:

  • that each .zip folder is less than 1000kb
  • to run all the creatives through this validator with no errors showing

Please note, failure to meet the technical specifications could mean we are unable to run the creative. If this happens, it will be returned with a request to update and meet the specifications. 

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