Tech Specs

Need to get some creative together for your campaign? Check out our technical specifications…

Display advertising

Announcements, leaderboards, mid page units (MPU), mobile leaderboards, half page units (HPU), billboards, weekly spotlights, page takeovers.


University Partner Pack (UPP)

The UPP contains a number of different elements including your guide, traffic drivers, Official Representative accounts, The Student Room alerts and open day dates.

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We recommend choosing from one of our email templates to ensure your campaign performs across all formats and devices.

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We provide Guides for colleges, recruiters and accommodation providers. Each has a slightly different setup so you’ll need to click through to our Guides page using the link below to find the right specs for you.

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Official Rep

Please download the Official Rep template, fill it out and send it back to your account manager to get started.

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Clearing & adjustment

Need to get some creative together for your Clearing or Adjustment campaign? Check out our tech specs.

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Ada – Programmatic

Your expert programmatic account manager will be in touch to talk through the process. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, please download the Ada briefing document.

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Accommodation Hub Listing

Check out the tech specs you need for your new accommodation hub listing.

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Check out the tech specs you need for your Freshers campaign

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