[Tech Specs]

Below you’ll find the format and sizes of the creative you need to supply us with.


Please provide us with your creative and the destination link (URL) you want your ad to go to.
All assets must be supplied at least 3 working days prior to the go live date, and at least 10 working days over Clearing (July & August). This will ensure your campaign begins on the agreed start date. If any assets are received late it will affect delivery and/or performance.

Billboard (BB)
W:970 px H:250 px
Max file size 50kb
Available as: .PNG, .JPEG, .GIF or 3rd party tags
Tracked URL

We are able to accept HTML5 creatives, in order for us to run them we need to ensure that they pass all the relevant checks. If you are planning on supplying HTML5 creatives please make sure:

  • that each .zip folder is less than 1000kb
  • to run all the creatives through this validator with no errors showing

Please note, failure to meet the technical specifications could mean we are unable to run the creative. If this happens, it will be returned with a request to update and meet the specifications.

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