Forum Sponsorship – Native

[Tech Specs]

Below you’ll find the format and sizes of the creative you need to supply us with.

Forum Sponsorship in Clearing – Native

Please provide us with your creative and the destination link (URL) you want your ad to go to.
All assets must be supplied at least 10 working days prior to the go live date. This will ensure your campaign begins on the agreed start date. If any assets are received late it will affect delivery and/or performance.
Once completed please send all assets on to

  • Image W:300 px H:100 px .PNG, .JPEG only

  • Logo: W:180px H:80px .PNG, .JPEG only

  • Header: 25 characters including spaces

  • Body text: 90 characters including spaces

  • Call to action 15 characters including spaces

  • Tracked URL

Please note, failure to meet the technical specifications could mean we are unable to run the creative. If this happens, it will be returned with a request to update and meet the specifications.

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