Clearing Search Promotion on The Uni Guide

Boost your course listings to the top of search during Clearing

How will you benefit?

Your courses will be promoted to the top of search for two weeks, during a period of your choosing. We see an average of 160% increase in leads in the first promotion week.

Traffic and engagement on The Uni Guide significantly increase during the peak Clearing window (July, August and September) - so get in touch to secure key dates. Spaces are very limited.

High visibility for your courses

All of your courses will be promoted to the top of search* for two consecutive weeks with an eye-catching ‘Promoted’ banner.

On average, we see a 160% increase in leads during the first promotion week.**

Data: *Your courses will share the top slots with a maximum of three other institutions. Whether your course appears first, second, third (or in very rare cases fourth) depends on keyword relevance in each case. **Average for all search promotions in June 2021 - May 2022. (Weekly percentage increase in leads may decrease slightly if a university remains at the top of search for consecutive weeks).

Client success stories

Find out how search promotion boosted campaign leads by up to 264%

Stronger applicant engagement

Promoting your courses increases student engagement with your lead generation buttons (Request Info, Get Prospectus, Visit Website, Open Days).

On average, we see an 80% increase in the click-through rate of buttons and a 62% increase in traffic to a university’s course and profile pages over the course of a promotion.*

Source *Based on an average of all campaigns June 2021 - May 2022

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