Unlocking Official Rep Potential:

Engaging students during Results Day & Clearing

Assets from webinar held on 25 June 2024

Panel event hosted by Oscar Larsen and Joe Woodcock

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The content for this webinar took guests through some of the current conversations we are seeing on site after exams, a look back at Results Day 2023 and a panel discussion covering different forum discussions which are common on site. We recommend you watch the recording for the key tips offered.

Scenario questions asked during the panel part of the session include:

  • Anxiety scenario:  Any tips on managing the stress leading up to results day?
  • Anxiety scenario: I'm afraid I'll only get D, D, D. Does that mean my university prospects are ruined?
  • Moving away scenario:    What is it like to move out for university? I'm quite shy and worried it will be overwhelming but I want to experience halls
  • Clearing anxiety scenario: Is the clearing process as nerve-wracking as people claim?
  • Perceptions scenario:   How important is location and ranking? I've chosen a university that I like, but my friends say it has a bad reputation

Results Day Questions:

  • Missed grades scenario: I've missed my firm choice and really want to go to this uni, shall I take a gap year and reapply?
  • Change of mind scenario: What is the process for changing course? I have an offer for civil engineering, but I'd like to switch to computer science. How can I do that?
  • Clearing and time pressure - how to choose scenario: I missed the grades for my firm choice but have an offer from my insurance choice through clearing. The league tables are similar. Any advice on deciding which university is better for business and how to make this decision quickly?
  • Clearing not an option scenario: I usually get A's in maths but ended up with a C, and now my clearing options are very limited. What should I do?
  • Finance related scenario:  I'm going through clearing this year. How does that affect my student finance and what steps should I take?
  • When is right time to decide scenario: I really want to go to my chosen university and missed the grade by one. Usually, they accept one grade lower, but they aren't accepting me now. Is there a chance I could be accepted tomorrow when there might be leftover places and fewer students in clearing?"

Watch the webinar recording:

We are joined in the webinar by Official Reps Maddie Lambert from De Montfort University and Emily Auger from University of Central Lancashire.

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Some final takeaways from the session included:

  1. We are asking Official Reps to set up Clearing threads. This lets students know that you're available to answer questions and provide any contact details and other information that may be useful to them.
  2. Build a strong on-site presence - congratulate every student that mentions you and answer any questions.
  3. Pre-empt the concerns of students to showcase what an empathic and supportive university you are e.g. grade boundary worries, how they can reach you, when results will be released.
  4. Help students to make a balanced decision and support them in their choices.
  5. Help applicants come up with a backup plan - be informative, not biased.
  6. The quality of your response can really impact applicant engagement – read your post back to yourself and go through the response checklist .
  7. Contact us at Client Services if you need additional advice or support.

Don't forget to get in touch if you need assistance setting up your Clearing thread. Our Community team can then add your Clearing thread to our Clearing mega thread.

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