Flying the flag for young people

Helping young people through their journey is why we started. Our team of 160 volunteers nurture and support the largest, best-loved UK student community to give young people a voice, guide them through their journey and provide a trusted space for support and advice.

Started by students for students

The Student Room started in 1998 by a student who wanted to provide a safe space for young people to talk about education and life around learning. Since then we’ve listened to what young people have to say everyday.

We aim to amplify their voice when they aren’t being heard, speak up about the difficult topics they have to face and do everything we can to give them the best opportunities available.

We help students identify the right pathway for them. By partnering with relevant people and organisations to answer questions and offer valuable, impartial advice.

Guidance and support comes from a range of different people; we work with community volunteers, UCAS trained advisors, government organisations like The National Careers Service and have inspiring public figures such as Stephen Fry and Richard Branson feature on site to answer students questions.

But at the heart of The Student Room is the peer-to-peer engagement. The platform connects like-minded people and gives them the opportunity to learn from relatable experiences.

The authenticity it creates is invaluable, the platform provides a trustworthy location for a dispersed and diverse audience to connect over their deepest fears and topics they can’t address face-to-face.

“Without the Mental Health Support Society, I almost certainly wouldn’t be around today- TSR is literally a lifesaver”
“It’s a safe place to come and get tips on revision, personal issues and moving forward into university. It’s been consistently good throughout my GCSEs and now A2 exams”
“I can’t express how much it helps keep me on track. I come home & look forward to studying and there’s a sense of satisfaction with every post“
“It’s the most useful website out there for young students”
“Without TSR I wouldn’t have got into university”

What students think

  • University of East Anglia

    “TSR is a really awesome site. Over the years, it has shown me that it’s OK to be smart and to study hard, which I never really knew before using it, since people in my school didn’t work hard at all and I always felt like a bit of an outcast. I use the forums and sometimes read the articles for motivation.”

  • University of East Anglia

    “It’s amazing! There is a solution for most of my career related or educational problems and a chance to have a discussion and hear the views of others. Thank you for making this amazing site! Makes my educational life so much easier!”

  • University of East Anglia

    “It’s a one stop shop for everything you need to know about student life, and even things you didn’t realise you needed to know.”

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