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A full-service market research agency and insight consultancy

TSR Insight, part of The Student Room Group, is a market research agency and insight consultancy with a specialist focus on youth audiences and the higher education sector.

Exclusive access to The Student Room community gives us unparalleled reach to a large and diverse student audience.

TSR Insight uses a range of established and innovative research methodologies to show you what young people are thinking.

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Experts in higher education and youth insight

TSR Insight can help you to make well-informed decisions based on our first-party research.

We uncover unique insights, providing you with ‘lightbulb’ moments of inspiration that help you build effective strategies for real impact.

Our clients include universities, brands, marketing teams, the public sector, and businesses.

We offer a wide range of professional services and solutions, all designed with both our clients and students in mind.

  • “It was a real pleasure to work with Babs and Beth who provided professional guidance and a responsive project structure that enabled us to have a great deal of input – it was a real collaboration. By using an asynchronous bulletin board approach to our research, we were able to develop our questions on an agile basis which led to more detailed and practical insight. And we were able to put these themes and findings directly into action through our new undergraduate creative campaign and messaging."

    Teesside University

    Gill Varley, Marketing Officer

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  • Liverpool logo tight

    “For me, one of the best things about working with TSR Insight is the personal touch, combined with the professionalism and expertise of an established organisation. TSR has worked hard to gain a real understanding of the specific needs of our institution, which saves a lot of time in commissioning work, and we can trust them to provide us with the insight that we need.”

    University of Liverpool

    Sarah Mission, Head of Market Research and Insight (Student Recruitment)

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  • “Responsive, helpful and a pleasure to work with throughout the project. We were impressed by TSR Insight’s thoroughness and attention to detail in responding to our initial brief. We found them to be responsive, helpful and a pleasure to work with throughout the project. The bulletin board worked well and it was particularly helpful for us to be able to dip in and out to see how things were going. The project was completed within a fairly tight timescale and the final report gave the stakeholder team a wealth of valuable insight to inform the programme development and launch.”


    Lucinda Coleman, Faculty Marketing Manager

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  • “We really enjoyed working with TSR Insight. Our contacts responded speedily and there were frequent meetings to clarify specific terms of reference. We found the team to be flexible and they gave us feedback/ideas we found useful. I really hope I can work with TSR Insight again. They have been excellent partners."

    Nottingham Trent University

    Richard Remedios, Associate Professor in Student Motivation and Engagement, Department of Psychology

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Our commitment to quality research

TSR Insight has been accredited as an MRS (Market Research Society) Company Partner.

This means we have been recognised as a professional market research agency that follows the MRS code of conduct and commitment to research quality.

You can check our credentials here.

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