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We work hard to understand your unique needs and our approach is informed by years of experience (including working client-side).

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We provide strong and actionable strategies, based on solid research

Whether you want to test campaign messages, attract more of your target audience or better understand university decision making, we have the right solution for you.

Our team is skilled in project management and all areas of the research process.

We have exclusive access to a large audience of Year 11s, Year 12s, Year 13s and undergraduates through The Student Room, and we conduct regular research with prospective postgraduates.  We can also source other audiences or use your GDPR- compliant contacts.

On completion of your research, you will receive an insight-led report of our findings with bespoke, strategic recommendations for your institution.


We offer bespoke solutions and off-the-shelf products

We have created a range of products which combine some of our most in-demand services.

However, we know every client is different and your situation is unique, so TSR Insight also offers bespoke solutions that are tailored to meet your needs.

Get in touch to discuss your needs or send over a brief, and we can take it from there.


Could.Should. Would? 

Understand the market you’re missing

TSR Insight will help you to understand the students who could and should choose your university but currently don’t.

These prospective students are within your target audience but they aren’t on your CRM system. 

Our solution offers best practice consultancy, research and insight to understand the market that you are missing, helping you to adapt your strategy and target key audiences.

Could.Should.Would? includes senior consultancy (informed by institutional strategy and direction) and uses quantitative research with prospective students to empower universities to engage authentically with their ideal audience.

Deliverables include full project management and online commissioning meeting, tried-and-tested survey questions with bespoke elements, scripting and hosting, recruitment of respondents from The Student Room community, full analysis of the findings, and your insight-led report. 

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Bulletin board

Our flexible bulletin board answers your research questions

Get exceptional qualitative market research using specialist bulletin board software.

We’ll develop a bespoke discussion plan based on your research brief, then recruit up to 20 students to take part.

This is usually conducted over 5 days, during which participants are asked to complete a set of tasks for 15-30 minutes per day.

The tasks can include typical qualitative research questions, polls and other activities, and can be used for a range of research objectives and topics.

Participants can take part in an asynchronous manner over the fieldwork period. This ensures you gain highly considered responses as they have time to reflect on each question. Moderators can also ask follow-up questions.

Deliverables include full project management and online briefing meeting, development of a bespoke discussion plan, set-up and hosting, recruitment of relevant participants from The Student Room community, daily moderation, incentives, full analysis of the findings and your insight-led report.

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Vote and Tell

Quick communications and creative testing

Test your communications on your target audience and get fast, meaningful feedback.

We use an off-the-shelf questionnaire to get both qualitative and quantitative feedback from prospective students. 

Compared with traditional focus groups, Vote and Tell delivers a much greater sample size but still gives the qualitative depth you need to understand the reasons behind student preferences. Find out more about Vote and Tell on our dedicated product page.

Deliverables include full project management, tried-and-tested survey questions, scripting, hosting and recruitment of respondents from The Student Room community, full analysis of the findings and your insight-led report.

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TSR Asks

TSR’s monthly omnibus survey – a quick and cost-effective solution

With questions starting from £400, our monthly TSR Asks survey lets you ask our Year 12 and Year 13 student community whatever you like.

Our flexible methodology means you can ask a different question each month or use it to track changes by asking the same question over a period of time.  

You'll receive the raw data and data tables within seven days or can request bespoke reporting via our Insight Team. 

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Bespoke research

Market research to suit your needs

Tell us what you want to research, and we’ll suggest ways we can achieve this for you. 

Our team will identify the most innovative and efficient ways to meet your objectives, based on the information you give us, the questions you want answered, and the targeting you need.

We offer a range of solutions, up to full service, taking on as much or as little of your project as you need us to. For example, we can take your brief and design all the research materials required, or we can use your existing survey questions. 

In terms of outputs, we can provide a full report of findings or the raw data and data tables only.

Let us assist you in understanding student sentiment in a unique way.

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