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The Department for Education is the government body responsible for education, apprenticeships and wider skills in England. They wanted to run a large-scale campaign aimed at young people to promote a career in teaching and rectify common misconceptions around the job on topics such as funding, training and benefits.


The Department for Education worked closely with The Student Room to build and share a survey and a series of polls aimed to capture how young people felt towards a career in teaching. With over 10,000 unique poll completions, they were able to understand student sentiment and use the findings to inform their wider campaign. The Assistant Campaigns Manager at The Department for Education commented:

“The Student Room have a strong understanding of what their audience likes and know how to communicate with them. This can really be seen in their use of short surveys and polls, which were well received and have great response rates – all of which allows us as the client to tailor our activity to engaged audience groups.”

The other challenge was to address any negative opinions and educate the youth market on the benefits of a teaching career. We based the campaign around three pieces of innovative and engaging content addressing key concerns and promoting the potential of training to become a teacher.

“They delivered content that was professional, informative, thought-provoking and fun! From a client perspective, they also made the working relationship very easy! The interactive elements of the partnership show an ability, by The Student Room, to effectively use technology that enhances content and messages.

To promote both the content and survey, we used a range of targeted display impressions, direct emails and social media promotion to push relevant users down the funnel. Using The Student Room’s unique first-party data, The Department for Education were able to target this activity to the three key audiences they wanted to attract:

  • Those already interested in teaching
  • Students interested in social change
  • Specific subject interests which hold extra significance for teacher recruitment such as STEM subjects, modern languages and geography

“Our campaign with The Student Room gave us a voice through a trusted and relevant platform. The team at The Student Room were always willing and eager to tackle the challenge of marketing teacher recruitment; always full of unique and interesting ideas for potential content. We were extremely pleased with the outcome of our main aim for the partnership – achieving a staggering increase in perception change! We look forward to potential future campaigns with The Student Room.”

– Assistant Campaigns Manager, The Department for Education


The strength of engaging content matched with high-impact media and our unrivalled data all worked together to contribute towards a successful campaign. This was made evident in the campaign results and findings we captured from the survey.

The campaign only ran for a duration of two months, and in that time the content achieved a combined 17,000 pageviews, with students spending an average of 3 minutes and 12 seconds interacting with the content.

The survey also revealed 34% of students agreed the content on The Student Room had given them a more positive opinion about teaching as a potential career choice and 33% of respondents agreed they were interested in finding out more about a career in teaching after reading the content on The Student Room.

The transformation in perceptions demonstrates the impact of The Student Room to drive awareness and the value in content marketing to educate and shape opinion.

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