Loughborough University

Official Reps gave Loughborough University the voice it needed to connect directly with students and supercharge conversions.

Stand out from the crowd

Loughborough University isn’t short of accolades.
In 2018 and 2019, it was named University of the Year by the Times and Sunday Times’ Good University Guide.

More importantly for prospective students, the university ranked first in the Times Higher Education’s 2018 Student Experience Survey – an award voted for by current students. With the university also topping the survey for facilities, it has plenty to shout about.

With so many nearby universities vying for the same applicants, Loughborough required a powerful way to showcase its student experiences, change perceptions of Loughborough as a town, and confirm itself as a top choice.

“The opportunity to connect with students directly is invaluable”

– Loughborough University’s Undergraduate Campaign Officer

How The Student Room helped Loughborough achieve its goal

Loughborough emphasised its status as a leading university by speaking directly to its target audience on The Student Room – the natural destination for students researching their higher education options.

The university’s Official Reps on The Student Room were able to join in and drive forum conversations throughout the application period, highlighting Loughborough’s benefits while addressing users’ concerns about the town.

“We can answer their questions and ease their concerns with factual advice and guidance, and dispel any hearsay or rumour”
– Loughborough University’s Undergraduate Campaign Officer.

Using real representatives, including current students, Loughborough engaged in meaningful discussions with potential applicants while reassuring them that life at Loughborough justifies the hype.

The university’s Official Reps were central to its effective social media strategy, answering queries and steering discussions in real time. By managing the university’s reputation, they were able to play a pivotal PR role and leave a positive legacy on The Student Room.

“It works well for conversion, too, and offers true insight into what students care about. This helps us deliver what our students want to see, rather than what we think they want to see”
– Loughborough University’s Undergraduate Campaign Officer.

By painting a captivating picture of life at Loughborough, while listening to the concerns of students, the university’s Official Reps turned market acclaim into real results.

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