Loughborough University

Official Reps are a great tool to get involved in the authentic conversation on The Student Room. See how Loughborough University used theirs to connect with potential applicants.


We teamed up with Loughborough University to engage and convert key audiences through a direct channel of constant communication. Ranked fourth in the 2017 Guardian’s University league table, Loughborough University are a high performing university committed to standing out from the crowd and their progressive marketing strategy has gained them traction in the market.

However, the range of big name student cities in Loughborough’s geographical competitor set left the university facing a complex challenge; how can they drive the appeal of Loughborough town to prospective students?

The solution required a way of communicating directly with students in an open and honest manner. Providing the opportunity to address key concerns about living in the town and showcase their fantastic facilities and benefits.

Loughborough University implemented an Official Rep on The Student Room as a key part of their marketing plan to drive engagement. Now they have the capability to connect with students directly in an authoritative and trusted communication channel.

“Being an Official Rep on The Student Room has been incredibly beneficial for us. Having the opportunity to connect with students directly is invaluable and we can answer their questions, worries and concerns with factual advice and guidance and not hearsay or rumour.

It works really well for conversion if you’re prepared to put the effort in. If nothing else, it gives a true insight into what it is the students are talking about. This market insight then feeds into planning, helping us to deliver what it is our students want to see rather than what we think they want to see.” – Undergraduate Campaign Officer, Loughborough University

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