Nationwide is the UK’s largest building society and among the most recognisable financial brands in the UK. However, when they wanted to promote their student offering, they turned to The Student Room to help them drive traffic to their site and increase the number of freshers opening accounts with them.


We teamed up to create a campaign consisting of four helpful and engaging content pieces, that addressed the key financial issues students have when starting university. These are topics nearly all freshers can relate to, such as budgeting and clever tips on how to make and save money whilst at university.

To maximise brand awareness, Nationwide were positioned as sponsored partners for this content on our Money and Finance forums. Then to encourage conversion, we used mixed format display ads alongside the content pieces to send users straight to their website.

By monitoring user journeys through the site, we are able to determine which users were likely to start university in September and specifically target all media to this segment.

The content and media combination was a runaway success; generating a strong CTR, over one million web impressions and a combined 37,600 unique pageviews, which is among the highest ever for advertorials.

Due to the campaign’s success and popularity of the articles, Nationwide decided to book a further 723,000 impressions to continue to support the content. The effective campaign not only helped Nationwide build brand awareness among freshers, but also contributed towards their key objective of driving traffic to their site and increasing the number of student accounts.

“The Student Room were one of our strongest performing partners throughout the 2017 Nationwide students campaign, delivering consistently strong results from start to finish. The team were responsive and reactive throughout the campaign and played a huge role in helping us beat target reach by over 25%” – Digital Manager, Wavemaker

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