Nationwide Building Society

Targeted content supercharged brand awareness and increased student conversions for Nationwide

Investing in the future

Nationwide is the biggest building society in the UK. But with fierce competition from established high-street banks and online providers, securing new customers and building brand loyalty is vital.

University freshers are a key market for Nationwide. By offering students an account that suits their needs throughout their time at university, banks and building societies can begin to forge valuable long-term relationships.

With so many products on the market during the “back to university” period, Nationwide required a way to make its FlexStudent account stand out.

More freshers visit The Student Room for advice and guidance than anywhere else, making us the go-to destination to help Nationwide get its target audience onside.

The Student Room was one of our strongest-performing partners throughout the Nationwide students campaign, delivering consistently strong results from start to finish.”
-– Digital Manager, Wavemaker

How The Student Room helped Nationwide achieve its goal

Using our audience’s on-site behaviour to define what finance-related content is most popular, The Student Room’s editorial specialists worked closely with Nationwide on four engaging pieces of content.

By helping them own key financial topics that resonate with all freshers, such as budgeting and savvy tips for saving money, we ensured that Nationwide was able to connect naturally with a community of freshers receptive to their message.

To boost visibility, Nationwide’s sponsored content was placed at the heart of the meaningful conversations our audience was having in our dedicated Money and Finance forums.

“The team were responsive and reactive throughout the campaign and played a huge role in helping us beat target reach by over 25%”
– Digital Manager, Wavemaker

Road-blocking this content with mixed-format display media and targeting users most likely to start university in September, helped push users directly to Nationwide’s website and boost conversions.

This high-performance combination of engaging content and targeted display media delivered over one million web impressions and a combined 37,600 unique page views. As a result, Nationwide booked a further 723,000 impressions to help extend the success of their campaign.

By engaging with the needs of students today and building brand engagement, Nationwide are investing in the long-term customers of tomorrow.

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