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Oxford Brookes University wanted to boost brand awareness and differentiate their institution by showcasing what student life is like in Oxford. They partnered up with The Student Room to maximise their online presence with our University Partner Pack (UPP). The UPP is an ecosystem of tools working to attract, convert and build relationships with students at every stage of the education cycle; it provides the helpful content students need when researching universities.

Utilising conversion tracking to demonstrate the value of the upp

After having their enhanced presence on The Student Room for over a year, Oxford Brookes wanted to understand their performance and return on investment. We utilised their own on-site tracking technology, GTM (Google Tag Manager), to monitor the impact and measure the results of the brand and work they undertook on The Student Room.

Using GTM technology, we identified our users who interacted with Oxford Brookes’ Partner Pack and subsequently went on to visit key pages of their website. This information is invaluable to any clients who are interested in gaining a better understanding of how The Student Room influences its users.

As an engagement platform our users tend to engage and interact on-site then take a complex or broken journey to their next destination, GTM allows us to understand how our users engage with your content then what that journey looks like.

Oxford Brookes saw just under 900 users engage with their UPP over the Clearing period and visit their accommodation pages, 1,500 users interacted with their UPP and ended up on their course pages and 400 students visited their Clearing page.

These users could be warm leads who have come to The Student Room to get more information, look for peer-to-peer reassurance, or users who have been prompted to consider Oxford Brookes by the content on The Student Room; either way the shared audience demonstrates The Student Room playing a key role in a complex decision-making process that has resulted in a user seriously considering Oxford Brookes.

The strong view-through results confirm The Student Room is key to building awareness and peaking interest at the top of the application funnel. The magic happens through on-site engagement from our volume of students, which is where the value exceeds expectations.

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