How The Student Room helped Prospects raise awareness of their brand, website and career planning tools.

The ask

Prospects had two key objectives for their campaign:

  1. To raise students' awareness of the Prospects brand
  2. To encourage students to register for their career planning support services and use Job Match (their career planning tool)

The solution

The Student Room helped Prospects reach a job-focused audience of students who were actively exploring their career options. Our approach combined a strong onsite presence with targeted emails to maximise exposure while also engaging the most relevant student users.

A forum takeover of our Careers and Graduate Jobs forum put the Prospects brand in a high-traffic, relevant location where it would be seen and remembered by student job-seekers. Prospects also featured in the premium slot of a recruitment email listicle. Finally, a targeted email was sent to school leavers, final-year university students and recent graduates who had expressed an interest in careers and jobs.

"As an organisation that puts students and graduates at the heart of all we do, The Student Room was an obvious choice when we researched options for reaching young people.”- KAT DALE, MARKETING MANAGER, PROSPECTS

The value

The campaign generated 2,338 clicks for Prospects. 

The multi-channel approach (email engagement and high-impact display advertising with the forum takeover) enhanced Prospects' brand visibility with their target audience.

How did your campaign compare to your expectations?

“The listicle provided us with the highest number of conversions, whereas the solus email was great for brand awareness with open rates much higher than anticipated.” 
- Kat Dale, Marketing Manager, Prospects 

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