We teamed up with Rainbird, an artificial intelligence organisation, to recruit switched-on, savvy students for their summer internships.

Savvy summer interns recruited in just three weeks

Rainbird were looking to recruit a superstar candidate for a two month summer internship. It was essential for the organisation to find the perfect candidate in just three weeks, but in a saturated market they needed a way to stand out from the crowd as a leading employer.

We teamed up with Rainbird to increase their brand awareness among students through a campaign that went live at the end of June, generating over 30 applications by mid-July. Initially the organisation required one intern but due to the high quality of candidates, Rainbird decided to hire two highly skilled, driven and engaged summer interns to join their ever-growing team.

A highly targeted solus email was sent to undergraduates at a key time of year just before they left university. The email had a clearly defined call-to-action and enough information to disqualify any borderline candidates, pre-filtering to ensure a smooth recruitment process.

Rainbird’s recruitment campaign also received maximum coverage through our “Job of the Month” email, which is sent to active and engaged undergraduates interested in employment. This precise targeting and high exposure activity helped position their brand as a key employer in the industry and contributed to a successful campaign delivering on key objectives.

“Through using The Student Room’s exceptional data management platform we were able to target a very specific audience and generate 33 job applications over a short period of time. Of these 33 applications, we took five to interview. We were originally only looking to recruit one intern but the quality of candidates was so high we chose to take on two. The consultation, advice and account management from The Student Room team was exceptional and played a major part in the success of this campaign.” – Chief Operating Officer, Rainbird

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