Teesside University

How creative research by TSR Insight helped Teesside University understand undergraduates and create a new look to engage them.

The ask

Teesside wanted their new recruitment campaign to speak to students’ experiences and to be different from their usual style and messaging, so they selected our research consultancy, TSR Insight, to help them understand more about students’ motivations and challenges, and what style of creative undergraduate applicants would be most likely to engage with.

The solution

TSR Insight used a bulletin board to glean in-depth qualitative insight about what students would prefer in a creative route. Student participants were asked to complete a series of tasks with our expert research team over five days.

The bulletin board identified key emerging themes midway through the research. These valuable insights were then outlined in a report which the client described as "really clear, thorough." Using the findings, Teesside University was able to make meaningful and informed decisions about its communications strategy.

"We worked with The Student Room on a bespoke research project with prospective undergraduate applicants.

By using an asynchronous bulletin board approach to our research, we were able to develop our questions on an agile basis which led to more detailed and practical insight. And we were able to put these themes and findings directly into action through our new undergraduate creative campaign and messaging."
- Gill Varley, Marketing Officer at Teesside University

""It was a real pleasure to work with Babs and Beth who provided professional guidance and a responsive project structure that enabled us to have a great deal of input – it was a real collaboration."
- Gill Varley, Marketing Officer, Teesside University

The value

Teesside told us that "following the excellent TSR research" they:

  • Settled on a Who will you be? campaign strapline which has been rolled out in their undergraduate media campaigns (display, social, out of home, radio), landing pages, video content and CRM comms
  • Produced a stunning new advert, also available on YouTube featuring real Teesside students
  • Used a soundtrack in their campaign for the first time

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