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The Economist is an internationally renowned publication in the world of news, politics and business. But when they wanted to reach more people in the youth market, they turned to The Student Room to encourage more students to sign up.


To boost subscriptions The Economist ran an offer of ’12 issues for 12 pounds’, which is up to 90% off newsstand prices. However, they needed an effective way to make this offering known and increase their profile among the student market.

As the UK’s largest online student community, The Economist reached out to The Student Room to target their desired student audience; freshers, current students and postgraduates.

We teamed up to create an email campaign made up of three different email shots which were staggered over the back to uni period.

Each email intended to maximise engagement from one of these key groups, whilst boosting the publication’s message of their new offer.

“The Student Room have been a long-term partner, continuously providing great results for The Economist by exceeding set targets. The campaign management team work very efficiently with attention to detail at all times, even when under pressure.

We see The Student Room as a key part of our strategy for driving results for The Economist for the rest of the year and beyond as they continue to grow.”

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