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The Economist is an internationally renowned publication in the world of news, politics and business. But when they wanted to reach more people in the youth market, they turned to
The Student Room to encourage more students to sign up.

Targeted email helped The Economist plan for the future by boosting student subscriptions

The Economist is one of the biggest-selling current affairs publications on the news stand, with a weekly UK circulation of 267,264* across its print and digital editions.

However, with younger audiences turning away from traditional media, the ability to secure new readers is paramount to the publication’s future success.

The UK’s aspirational student market is a key demographic for the magazine as it looks to add new subscribers. As the home of the UK’s largest online student community, The Student Room is the natural partner to help The Economist influence this audience.

“The Student Room is a long-term partner, continuously providing great results for us by exceeding set targets” – CRM Account Executive, iProspect.

How The Student Room helped The Economist achieve its goal

The Student Room continued its strong relationship with The Economist by delivering a highly targeted email campaign to raise brand awareness and promote the publication’s student subscription offer.

By aligning their brand with a trusted provider of student guidance and information, The Economist knew that its message would be served to an audience already open and receptive to it.

“The Student Room’s campaign management team work efficiently, with attention to detail at all times” – CRM Account Executive, iProspect.

To deliver its goal of boosting subscriptions, The Student Room’s email marketing experts worked closely with The Economist to create a timely and results-driven campaign built around three compelling emails.

High-performance email campaigns are about connecting with the right people at the right time. To maximise the visibility of The Economist’s offer during the crucial “back to university” period, The Student Room sent emails to our most engaged users between results day in August and freshers’ week in October.

By understanding what The Economist’s target audience of university students interacts with, and how responsive it is, The Student Room was able to tailor its proven email templates to ensure the highest click-to-open rates.

“The Student Room is such a key part of our strategy for driving results” – CRM Account Executive, iProspect.

The Student Room’s email campaign delivered on The Economist’s goal of increasing conversions, turning casual student readers into long-term subscribers and brand advocates.

*ABC report, January-June 2018

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