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Explore how the University of Hertfordshire engaged hundreds of students with an inspiring debate on The Student Room, entitled: Should Banksy be put in prison?

Engaging students with a TSR Talk

We partnered up with the University of Hertfordshire to encourage an engaging debate on The Student Room, entitled: Should Banksy be put in prison?

Two Criminology lecturers from the University of Hertfordshire took to the site to hear students’ opinions about Banksy asking, is Banksy an artist of the times, inspiring political thought and engagement with contemporary issues, or is he nothing more than a glorified criminal who continues to get away with criminal damage?

The interesting thread generated a burst of stimulating conversation, achieving an outstanding 114 replies and 1,810 views. We also ran a short poll alongside the debate which evoked 1,724 people to respond, 85% of which disagreed Banksy should be put in prison. Claudia Carr, Senior Lecturer from University of Hertfordshire commented on their experience engaging students on The Student Room:

“It has been a privilege to join in this debate, and wonderful and immensely enjoyable experience for us all at the Hertfordshire Law School.

We enjoyed the unbounded variety and richness of the points made, ranging from absolute defense of free speech, to full denial, we saw points raised about crime and policing, and the wider socio-economic issues and a deep engagement with fundamental philosophical and ethical questions. “

This discussion showcases how the right content can engage passionate students looking for meaningful connections and interactions with universities. It’s an effective platform to communicate with a diverse and switched-on audience in a trusted space that encourages open and honest conversation and a stimulating debate. Claudia Carr continues:

“We enjoyed it very much, it was fascinating to see such a wide range of views, opinions and means of expression deployed by the participants. We were surprised by the level of engagement the participants showed in the debate.”

Having guest lectures from your university take part in planned debates is only one way to influence the conversation, but check out how you could get involved in all discussions on The Student Room.

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