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How the multi-media package of UPP Unlimited is helping University of Sunderland connect with prospective students.

The ask

University of Sunderland have worked with The Student Room for a number of applicant cycles. Upgrading to UPP Unlimited last summer from a standard UPP has provided an always-on reach for the university to attract and engage with student users on both The Student Room and The Uni Guide.

We asked Sam Ridley, Marketing Campaigns Officer at University of Sunderland, how the package has been working for the team this past year.

Why did you decide to partner with The Student Room?

There are several reasons we, as an institution, decided to partner with The Student Room. Here are just three:

  • Targeted reach: The Student Room boasts a large and engaged student audience, allowing us to connect directly with our target demographic – prospective students.
  • Effective marketing tools: UPP offers a comprehensive suite of marketing tools, including targeted advertising, bespoke communications, data analytics and so on. Ultimately this allows us to tailor our messaging and track campaign performance effectively and in real time.
  • Collaborative partnership: The Student Room team provides outstanding levels of information, support, and guidance throughout each stage of our campaigns. They are professional, responsive, knowledgeable, and offer expert guidance to help us continuously enhance our campaign strategies.

What was it like working with our team?

Working with The Student Room team has been an absolute joy. They are:

  • Proactive: They consistently offer suggestions and insights to help us optimise our campaign performance.
  • Knowledgeable: They possess a deep understanding of the student audience, market trends, and the platform's functionalities.
  • Supportive: They are readily available to answer questions and address any concerns we have.

Working with The Student Room has been an overall positive experience – the team offers outstanding levels of expert knowledge, support, and guidance. I’d highly recommend anyone thinking about partnering with them, to do so.

The value

The UPP package has exceeded our expectations. We have experienced:

  • Increased brand awareness: We have seen a significant rise in website traffic and overall engagement from prospective students.
  • Qualified leads generated: The campaign has generated a high volume of student leads, actively considering their university options.
  • Improved conversion rates: We have observed a positive impact on application numbers for our targeted areas.

Overall, our partnership with The Student Room through the UPP Unlimited Package has been a resounding success. We highly recommend The Student Room and the UPP Unlimited Package to other universities seeking to connect with prospective students in a targeted and effective manner.

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