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2021 offers and recommendations

Secure a great deal on Clearing inventory. These offers are specifically designed to maximise exposure to applicants during Clearing and Results Week. Last-minute targeted subject sends are an ideal and agile way to fill courses that need a boost:

15% off display
20% off display + email
25% off display + email + forum sponsorship
Forum sponsorship
Clearing button

Extra inventory offers

Free resend to same audience when you book a pre-Results Day email
Half price email to a different audience when you book a pre-Results Day email
25% off when you book an email before and after Results Day (August)
Half price resend when you book Results Day SMS

display 300,000 impressions

Targeted display impressions - 15% off

We'll place your ads in the high traffic locations that Clearing applicants love 

Grab the attention of applicants as they come to The Student Room looking for advice about their Clearing options. This perfectly timed and strongly targeted campaign will get you noticed by students who are actively looking for places in Clearing.

Minimum booking: 300,000 impressions.

Display and email

Targeted display and email - 20% off

Display gets you noticed, email confirms you are the right choice

Combining email and display boosts awareness while giving applicants the detail they need to make decisions.

2021 applicants are telling us that they want more information about courses and course modules. Email is an ideal way to help applicants make informed choices about what to study.

Uni email

Targeted display and email with forum sponsorship - 25% off

Maximise your brand presence by targeting our audience in multiple ways

The more frequently applicants see your message, the more connected they feel with your brand. Adding forum sponsorship to your display and email campaign ensures you hit every touchpoint.

Forums provide helpful advice for applicants when they may feeling especially anxious about the future. Associating your brand with helpful content can tap into a powerful emotional sense of reciprocity.

Email listicle

Listicle emails - save up to £2,000

£2,000 Standard slot, £3,000 Premium slot (normally £3,000 and £5,000 respectively)

Feature in our listicle emails (see calendar).

Listicle emails reach at least 100,000 students and feature a maximum of four other advertisers. These emails give our student audience the perception of choice, which makes your message seem more authentic and honest (and less like an advert).

Clearing Forum Alert

Clearing Forum Sponsorship - 25% off or buy one get one half price

Own the space where Clearing applicants are discussing their options

This is a chance to hone in on students based on their specific interests (such as a subject area, study level or intended action). Our forums are a space where students can seek guidance or support from peers and experts.

Forum titles include: Medicine, Law, Business and Management, A-level, Applications, Clearing and UCAS

Last date for creatives 4 August.

Clearing button

Clearing button - save £3,000

Normally £8,000, now £5,000 (maximum 10 buttons available in Clearing)

Clearing buttons appear in the Spotlight area of our homepage. Every visitor to our site has a good chance of seeing your message.

Clearing buttons are powerful but very simple to set up. They include an image, text, and a link. Applicants are encouraged to click-through to find out more about your opportunities.

A minimum of 1 million impressions is guaranteed. Half-price product also available (500,000 impressions).


Half price SMS

Get in front of students on Results Day (and get a resend for half price two days later)

On results day when I was heartbroken over my very much lowered results and the decline of my place at an amazing uni, I received an SMS from you guys to apply for Clearing at XYZ University... 10 minutes later they called me and I had a place... I cannot express how thankful I am... I don’t know where I would have been without this message. It truly came through at the best time it could have.” - The Student Room user

We will be as flexible as we can, which means that it may be possible to switch your subject audience for your second send after you've reviewed your Results Day applications. You can also send us new copy. Second sends are subject to availability.

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