Practical aspects of posting as an Official Rep

Replying to users

To respond to an individual, click the Reply button under their post. This will open up a dialogue box in which you can type your reply.

To respond to multiple users at once, click the Quote button under each post you want to respond to. This will open up a dialogue box at the bottom of the page and include each of the posts you are replying to.

Tag users in by using the @ sign with their username - this ensures they get a notification and that their attention is directed to the relevant information.

Keyword alerts

Personalised email notifications can be setup to let you know when and where your key words appear across the site e.g. your organisation name. Choose your keywords in your Official Rep start up form (see FAQs for more information).

Watching forums and threads

It is a good idea to "Watch" threads and forums that you want to keep an eye on.

This causes the forum/thread to appear on your homepage and you will also get a notification each time there is a new post.

Click the "Watch" buttton.


Using search

Simply search for your chosen word or phrase and you will see a list of threads where your key term has been mentioned, along with a link to that thread and forum.

To search for a key term within a specific forum, apply the relevant filter from the left-hand side of the page.

Double-check the date of the posts to make sure they are still relevant.

    Private message

    If a user private messages you, feel free to respond. However, try to keep the conversation within threads on-site where possible, so your advice is available to other members of the community and ‘lurkers’ who are reading the thread without actively engaging.

    If you do need to private message a user (for example to provide contact details of another student or staff member), it is a good idea to reply within the public thread first explaining that you will privately message the user. This allows others to know they have the same option.


    Official Rep Lounge

    Your Official Rep account has access to the Official Rep Lounge - a private forum in which updates, useful information and advice are posted. This forum can only be viewed by the Community team at The Student Room and the Official Rep accounts.

    You also have a personal feedback thread, which can only be viewed by the Rep account you are logged in to and the Community team. This is the best place to ask questions, or to stick/unstick threads on your forum. Remember to “Watch” this thread so it’s easily accessible from your homepage.


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