Covid-19: choosing a university

We asked, students voted

Between 12th - 26th May, we polled 1,404 students on our site. We've also included a sneak preview from the 'Navigating changing options' report, which is free for UPP clients. Access the full report to get all the answers you're looking for.

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Navigating Changing Options: The impact of Coronavirus on 2020 and 2021 UK undergraduate decision making

TSR Insight is a full-service market research company, providing strategic insights and consultancy for the HE market. This essential report analyses key shifts student motivations and decision-making journeys due to coronavirus and is free for UPP clients.

Will applicants change their university choice due to coronavirus?

  • 9%  said they would choose a university with lower entry grade requirements.
  • 7% were planning to accept unconditional offers.
  • 5% said they would choose a university closer to home.
  • 4% planned to apply through Clearing.
  • 1% said they would defer entry until next year.

Other important findings in this report

Here are the top responses to these key questions:

Who do 2020 applicants want to speak to? (multiple select)

  1. Course leader (69%)
  2. Admissions (63%)
  3. Current students (56%) - Top tip: encourage peer-to-peer engagement on popular social channels

How do Year 12s find out about universities and courses? (multiple select)

  1. Google (72%)
  2. Online forums e.g. The Student Room (60%) - Top tip: If you have an Official Rep, you've already got excellent brand ambassadors to hand.
  3. Virtual open days (59%)
  4. League tables (49%)
  5. Webinars (42%)

Course content
Campus grounds/university buildings
Social life
Cost of living
Societies and activities
Information about the city or location

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What makes a great virtual open day experience?

Applicants don't know what to expect from universities this autumn. If you're teaching online or offering blended learning, use your virtual open day to give applicants a taste of how this will work. Don't just stick to Powerpoints - this is a chance to showcase your campus and exciting new ways to learn.

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I have financial concerns
Nothing is stopping me from going

Of the 60% of respondents who did have financial concerns, these were:

Not being able to work now to save up for uni
Lack of part-time jobs to support me while I'm at uni
Other reasons are stopping me going
Lack of graduate job prospects when I finish uni
Reduced household income due to coronavirus means I can't afford to go

"Job security is something that worries me."

User, The Student Room

The Student Room's solutions

Reach out to current students and encourage them to interact with your applicants (56% of respondents want to speak to current students). The full TSR Insight HE sector report, Navigating Changing Options, is now available for to our UPP clients. Speak to your Account Manager today to get this powerful of research free of charge.

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