How do young people feel about apprenticeships?

TSR Asks omnibus survey of The Student Room community members, aged 16+.

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By TSR Insight (part of The Student Room)

Base: Base: 1,118 responses (7th – 9th January 2023)

Some of the key insights from the data include:

  • Almost two thirds (63%) of respondents had looked for information on apprenticeships. However, among those who sought information about this pathway, just 40% found it quite or very easy to find, compared to 81% of those who looked for information about university.
  • Around a third of respondents (35%) were considering either a higher/degree apprenticeship, an advanced apprenticeship or both. In particular, 31% would consider a higher or degree apprenticeship, and 11% would consider an advanced apprenticeship.
  • Teachers/advisors in school or college was the most likely source respondents would go to if they wanted to access advice and information on the topic (62%), followed by the UCAS website (56%) and online forums such as The Student Room (51%). Overall, 86% would use at least one online source.
  • Around one in three (32%) thought it was easier to get a place at university than it is to get an apprenticeship.