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Providing advisory content and support to prospective higher education students

28th February 2020 Press Release

The Student Room, with a passionate ‘student first’ methodology, prides itself on delivering peer-to-peer support, and bias-free expert advice to up to 10 million monthly users. These values align closely with ​HELOA’s, who together with ​The Student Room, will uphold and strengthen the existing support around uni choice. The partnership will ensure that students have access to expert content and supportive advice, presented to them at crucial stages of their student journey.

The Student Room ​has today announced that it has partnered with ​HELOA ​ – the professional association of staff in higher education, working in student recruitment, outreach, marketing and admissions – to expand and develop the existing ​quality advice and guidance offered to prospective higher education students and their families,​ in schools and colleges across the UK.

Pete Barnes, Managing Director of​ The Student Room ​said “Supporting the journey into Higher Education is at the heart of what ​The Student Room ​does. Support comes in many forms; from peer-to-peer discussions, professional content, tools such as The Uni Guide (formerly Which?University)and Get Revising, there are lots of ways to access the right help for you. It’s fantastic to partner with HELOA and to be able to provide the support students need when they need it most, empowering students into making tough decisions and helping them to achieve their goals.” HELOA is committed to helping students make informed decisions about their higher education choices and will work with ​The Student Room ​ to provide high-quality Information, Advice and Guidance.

Jonathan Atkinson, UK Chair of ​HELOA ​said “As the Higher Education sector proceeds through a period of significant change and challenge ​HELOA ​continues to provide the best platform to collaborate and share best practice between our 1600 members who work with students across the UK. We are delighted to strengthen our members’ access to the knowledge and information offered by ​The Student Room. This new partnership will increase our members’ ability to support prospective students who are considering their higher education options, and help them prepare for the transition into life at university.”

The partnership comes at a particularly exciting time for ​The Student Room, who last month launched ​The Uni Guide​ – after acquiring the course and university search tools and much of the independent expert advice developed by Which?University.

Notes to Editors:

About The Student Room
Founded in 2001, The Student Room is the UK’s largest online student community, providing a platform for young people to connect, and to support each other through peer-to-peer advice on studying, career choice and lifestyle questions in a safe and supportive space. It has over 3 million registered members, primarily aged between 14-24, and currently attracts over 10 million visitors per month. The Student Room works directly with most UK universities as well as a wide range of leading brands and companies.
For further information, please contact: kirsty.cooper@thestudentroom.com

HELOA (registered charity 1182953) is the professional association of staff in higher education who work in student recruitment, outreach, marketing and admissions. Our members help potential students, and their families and advisers, make an informed decision about their future in education by providing high-quality information, advice and guidance. They are professional, passionate and engaged advocates for higher education. Established in 1990, the Association now has around 1,500 members from over 140 UK universities and higher education institutions. HELOA encourages collaboration, sharing good practice and rigorous standards of impartiality amongst our members, helping them to inform students throughout their journey to higher education.

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