TSR Asks: Get the answers you need from students


What is TSR Asks?

TSR Asks is a monthly omnibus survey which enables you to put your questions to a prospective university audience. As a cost-effective research tool, TSR Asks will give you a snapshot from our student communicty and help inform your strategy and plans around this audience.

Our flexible methodology means you can ask a different question each month or use it to track changes by asking the same questions over a period of time. We never share our client's questions, but you can check out some applicant research we added here and here.

Questions about TSR Asks? Email Victoria.Littler@thestudentroom.com

Flexibility - question formats to suit your needs

Different question formats are designed to cover all of your survey needs.

Choose from:

  • Closed questions - select one answer only (perfect to compare visual assets)
  • Closed questions - select all that apply
  • Closed questions with 'other please specify' option (discover responses you might not have considered)
  • Ranking questions
  • Open comment/verbatim questions
  • Grid questions (useful for gathering feedback on a scale)

View the different question types in our example survey. Questions start from £400 and our Insight team can also provide advice and support on question design if required.

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student group diversity

How it works - engaging a diverse youth audience

Users from The Student Room community who are in Year 12 and Year 13 are already signed up and ready to answer your questions

You send us your bespoke questions and we'll make sure they are answered by your target audience. It's a simple and convenient way to get strategic insights about a youth demographic.

Students from our community have voluntarily opted-in to share their views, so there's no waiting for us to recruit participants. We send a survey at the start of every month (Sept-July) and will send you the raw data and data tables so you can take action on the insights. You can also request bespoke reporting from our Insight Team.

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Timely responses - get your answers within a week of the send

Receive the raw data within seven days directly to your inbox

Get the answers you need on a short turn-around. TSR Asks gives you unrivalled access to what students are currently thinking and feeling. TSR Asks is the ideal tool to test: brand campaigns, student recruitment communications, youth policies and youth engagement strategies.

Use these powerful and current student insights to optimise your youth campaign strategies. You can also use the findings to tailor subsequent TSR Ask surveys and dig even deeper into students' minds.

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