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Empower your institution with the University Partner Pack

In close collaboration with 70 representatives from over 35 universities, we're thrilled to introduce our revamped University Partner Package. Our discussions focused on what universities like yours are really looking for, helping us to craft a product range that’s a perfect fit for both your needs and our students' expectations. 

We recognise the challenges you face: tight budgets, high expectations, and constant pressure to do more with less. In response, our enhanced product range is designed to support you throughout the student lifecycle. It offers exceptional value and budget consolidation opportunities whilst connecting you directly with students on our platform. 

Powered by CAMPUS Brain™, our new AI engine for student engagement, we're delivering you high performing university products, and keeping students safe.

Here’s a peek at what we’re rolling out

Unlimited leads

Grow your applications and move students into your own CRM journeys, with our unlimited undergraduate, postgraduate and international leads from The Uni Guide and The Student Room. (PG on TSR only).

To maximise value to your university, these form leads include the contact details, subject of interest and other meta data to help you build your own relationship with the student who has expressed interest in your institution. Alternatively, if you would prefer us to direct these leads to your own forms or website, we can send the user to your university site instead, in some lead routes.

Coupled with CAMPUS Lens™, you will then see your lead volumes, enriched with lead fields and relevant education data from CAMPUS Brain™ data to help you review and assess value.

CRM integration coming in July 2024.


CAMPUS Lens™ is The Student Room's new live reporting dashboard, powered by CAMPUS Brain™ - our new suite of foundational AI and data technologies.

CAMPUS Lens™ contains insight reports that will help your university understand students particularly in the context of your own, and competitor universities. It will also feature a range of product performance reports to help you interact with and understand how our products are performing.

We are better placed than others to provide these insights, as we are unique in having both study help and university activity from students year-round, from Y11 through university, as well as having site content that is rich with student discussions.

A North West university used our sentiment and trends to understand student revision needs. They then created a revision and wellbeing CRM journey as a result which in turn, boosted conversion rates.

This new product will provide alternative insights to other HE insight tools in the market. We want the insights that you get from CAMPUS Lens™ to be useful not only for guiding your university's activity on The Student Room, but also to inform your wider marketing and recruitment activities.

Official Rep

What CAMPUS Lens™ will bring to you:

  • See with ease how your institution is performing v market and competitors in one place
  • Utilise trends to help shape your social and content strategies, saving time on researching what would resonate with students.
  • Consolidate multiple dashboards into one solution that is FREE within UPP Unlimited
  • Provides actionable insight on where to best allocate budget, limiting waste

Aston University Guide for student recruitment

Monthly student sentiment

Our monthly student sentiment meetings are a regular opportunity to check in with the main points of contact at your university.

They are an opportunity to find out about your current needs, update on performance of campaigns with The Student Room and keep your team updated on student sentiment and market insight.

Unlimited Official Reps

An Official Rep is a representative who can engage directly with students on The Student Room. We position and badge your Reps as the authoritative voice of your university, so students know they can trust your communications.

Reps will be at the heart of opinion-forming conversations where they can post and answer questions, set up threads on topics that matter to you, and respond when students are talking about your university.

Enhancing from our current offering of just three Official Reps to the new unlimited Reps feature, allows you to provide each of your ambassadors with their own log-in. A larger team of reps enables focus on different areas e.g. Postgrad or International as well as having student ambassadors proactively creating engaging content about your university.

Both current and new Reps will all be guided by our new discussion templates and fabulous training.  There'll be unlimited training as well as online resources, helping you easily onboard new reps and create a pool of ambassadors with a deep understanding of community engagement.

University of Chester student recruitment forum

Deep affinity brand building

Deep affinity brand building allows you to deepen students' awareness, understanding and affinity with your brand from Year 11, all the way through to enrolment.

With 96% of Year 11s telling us they want more information from universities, this feature will drive awareness in the  early engagement pool as well as support conversion for those in Year 13 making applications.

As it as an 'always on' product, it works by us including interesting "Did you know?" facts and 4 and 5 star student reviews from trusted peers on The Uni Guide, in our high-engagement student emails, as well as within our articles and discussions on site and in our app. These deep affinity elements will be targeted by location, subject, university and competitor targeting and are the only commercial items to be included within our highly trusted and engaging student emails.

University profile and course listings on The Uni Guide

We're bringing The Student Room and The Uni Guide closer together to improve the experience for both students and our partner universities. The Uni Guide will get a fresh new look to match The Student Room, and we're making it easier for students to get involved in discussion directly from The Uni Guide. Overall creating a unique experience that helps students in ways no other website can.

You'll have compelling ownership over your university profiles and course pages to get your university across in its best light; with competitor ads removed, and with prominent lead buttons to drive results. You'll be able to highlight top student reviews, embed videos, and add other enhanced profile features to help you showcase the best of your institution and student experience when students are actively researching on The Uni Guide.

University of Chester student recruitment forum

Owned discussions

Owned discussions are an evolution of our approach to forum sponsorship. CAMPUS Brain™ now enables you to extend that sponsorship to any discussion on The Student Room that is primarily about your university using topics e.g. in subject forums, accommodation forums or our UCAS and applications forum.

That will enable us to extend the reach of the existing sponsorship element of our partner packages.

Owned discussions will also follow a more native experience, with the key elements always staying in high profile view as the user scrolls down the page. That then allows us to remove the repeated banner ads on the page to make it a cleaner user experience and ensure users are fully engaged with your university discussions.

With the University Partner Pack we will  also signpost university profiles on The Uni Guide more from The Student Room, as a way to encourage users to click through to The Uni Guide to get a deeper understanding on your institution.

Build your TSR community

The EU under 18 targeting ban has made it harder for university marketing teams to target undergraduate applicants. This feature of the UPP helps you overcome this by driving more under 18s into your community on The Student Room, where we can keep them engaged for you through the conversion window, whilst also powering-up all the other elements of your UPP.

In the first half of the academic year, we use contextual off-site marketing to drive applicants into your TSR community, where we can build out their education data profile. In the latter part of the year, we then remarket to them on your behalf to support conversion.

Using The Student Room voice and creative for these off-site ads, we minimise work from your team, and add authentic validation, with our messaging coming from the independent brand students trust.

The Student Room isn't impacted by the EU legislation, and our education context and education data are more of a strength than ever. In challenging times, we are here to help!

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