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Our Student Sentiment updates provide a snapshot of the conversations young people are having on The Student Room. From these updates, you can read students’ own accounts of their thoughts, worries and experiences.

November sentiment deck

1 – 30 November 2023

  • Varying experiences with students’ university accommodation searches.​
  • Mix of students’ application statuses, some having already submitted their applications for the 2024 entry, while others are still in the process of researching their options.​
  • A growing interest in Degree Apprenticeships among Year 12 students; however, the majority still prioritising pursuing a university education as their primary choice.​
  • Student to student experiences and discussions highly valued during the application process.​

Our Insight team have also recently released some exciting new results from our TSR Asks research, with topics including how the impact on cost of living on university decision-making, how students perceive changes to student finance and Year 11 approaches to university choices. You can access these summaries on our Insight Report page.

October 2023

– More than half of student lack confidence with money management
– 25% of students feel current A level structure should change
– Almost 75% of students polled are unaware what the TEF rating is
– Email is the most commonly preferred method of communication from universities by students

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June 2023

– Majority of students think ChatGPT makes no difference to exams
– In person open days are the most helpful for Year 13s researching universities
– 73% of 2023 entry UG respondents had changed their firm choice plans due to the cost of living
– 77% felt the cost of living would impact their student experience at university

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Sept 2023

– A new academic year brings nervousness
– Money management and study skills are top areas students are looking for support in
– Student experiences of Clearing
– Nearly two fifths of surveys 2023 undergrads felt that events had been the most influential information when deciding which university to go to

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May 2023

– Activity in exam season
– Making friends is the biggest concern for students starting uni
– How students will support themselves financially at uni
– How 2024 entry prospective undergraduate students are planning to use the holidays

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August 2023

– 25% of poll respondents were expecting to use Clearing due to missing their required results
– 57% of A-Level (and equivalent) students had grades lower than expected
– Students voted university league tables as the top decision maker in uni choice

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April 2023

– Improvements to climate change and cost of living dominate students’ hopes for the future
– Cost of living impacts 38% of students’ plans on where to go to university
– More than 80% of 2023 applicants had responses from three or more
universities in April

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July 2023

– The majority of Year 13s felt they’d missed their grades for their university offer
– 73% of students’ summer plans are impacted by rising cost of living
– Over half of students feel financial skills are missing from the school curriculum
– Only 30% of Year 12s have been given information about future options in addition to university

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March 2023

– Students share thoughts on using ChatGPT for their homework
– Year 12 share their extra curricular activities to support uni applications
– Top choices for university accommodation
– Past papers and mark schemes are the way most students like to revise

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February 2023

– The help Y12/13 need in making uni decisions
– Understanding of student finance
– The support freshers need
– Students’ thoughts on physical prospectus’
– Thoughts on UCAS new apprenticeship application service

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January 2023

– Perceptions of apprenticeships
– Personal statement shake-up
– Teacher strikes
– The biggest differences in unis that students are choosing
– Responses from firm and insurance choices

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December 2022

– Student life areas they want to be available from their uni
– Thoughts on personal statements
– Where students are at with their uni application
– Revision over Christmas

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November 2022

– Are students clued up on student finance
– Are virtual open days still helpful
– What support is needed from uni’s ahead of applications being made
– Personal statement worries
– Year 12 and where they are at in their plans

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October 2022

– Impact of the cost of living crisis
– Year 12: thoughts on their new sixth form/college
– Year 12: did they have enough information to make FE decisions
– Year 13: have they decided on their five uni choices
– Barriers faced when accessing sexual health services and advice

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September 2022

– How freshers are settling in to uni accommodation
– Students’ sense of belonging
– What support is needed with UCAS applications
– What is most helpful when writing a personal statement
– How did those who used Clearing in 2022 find it
– Main worries in starting back at school/college

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August 2022

– Grade confidence to get ito firm uni
– Expectations of using Clearing
– Intentions if miss expected grades
– How results will be received
– How are they feeling about their results (post Results day)
– What support do they need to prepare for uni
– How TSR helped with their uni application

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July 2022

– What is impacting their mental health
– What are their main worries about A Level results
– What is missing from the school curriculum
– The impact of cost of living on university location
– Has society done enough to tackle issues facing LGBTQ+ people?
– Top priorities this summer
– Poetry in English lessons

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