Solutions for supporting students in the pandemic

We asked, students voted

Between 21st - 27th April, we polled 1,234 students on our site. Check out the insight below and don't forget to book onto our free webinar on creating meaningful digital experiences.

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Yes, I'm planning on attending if I get a place
I'm still unsure on if I will attend or not
No, I'm planning on deferring or taking a gap year (UK student)
I'm planning on not going to uni at all in light of Covid-19
No, I'm planning on deferring or taking a gap year (International student)

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What action should you take?

Since respondents overwhelmingly said they would be attending in 2020, connecting with students is as important as ever.
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Comments from users on The Student Room gave mixed reviews:

"I get tired very quickly and end up zoning out"
"the ones which have been recorded in advance just come across as lazy and lacking effort"
"the amount of guidance we've been given has significantly reduced"

The Student Room's solution:

We're holding a free webinar "Creating meaningful digital experiences" at 10am on Thursday 14th May 2020. In this session, experts Pete Taylor (Director of Optimisation) and Lorna Greville (Education Account Director) will take you through best practice techniques for delivering engaging content for students online.
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Comments from users on The Student Room shed some light on the poll result:

"I want to hear Gavin Williamson and Ofqual to see what will be done for the Y10’s and Y12’s."
"no word on what will happen with schools"
"I think a lot of the problem is that the advice particularly on the daily press briefings is very waffle-y and repetitive."

The Student Room's solution:

Sam is our in-house expert on youth engagement solutions for government and the public sector. He's more than happy to arrange a free consultation to discuss your strategy.
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