Building your employer brand with young people to grow your early talent pool

Assets from webinar held on 28 October 2020

Discover youth recruitment trends, how the pandemic has affected students' career choices, and how to attract young talent to your organisation.  Get the recording and key takeaways.

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Building your employer brand with young people to grow your early talent pool

Presenter: Will Simpson

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What we know about students

Despite the pandemic, students are generally optimistic they can achieve their goals. HESA research found that 79% of students still feel confident about getting a graduate job. Our own onsite poll revealed that, although 36.99% of students are worried about their future job prospects, 26.01% feel confident about pursuing their chosen career. (Poll results collected 28 October 2020).

66% of students rely on parents or family members for career advice (Options report). Employers can help by making expert resources easily available for both parents and students.

We're seeing a big shift in career interest onsite this year: health-related forums are getting unusually high engagement (+298% Physiotherapy & occupational therapy, +200% Biology and life sciences, +154% Pharmacy, +99% Nursing and Midwifery). Perhaps this is because there has been increased appreciation and awareness of the importance of our NHS. Meaningful careers are gaining traction with students, so think about how you can communicate value-alignment with applicants.

Every year, millions of students leave education with the qualifications they need to be successful, but they still need support finding the right career. Building your employer brand can be as simple as providing advice and gaining a good reputation for being helpful.

One way you can show support is by engaging in two-way conversations on student platforms. Like RAF Adam or ex-apprentice Max from Kier. Adam and Max can engage directly with our student community using the Official Rep tool. Find out about getting an Official Rep here.

Another is by sponsoring useful content like Deloitte. Content and articles are a great way of building your brand reputation with young people, while also providing information and guidance to current and future applicants.

Key takeaways

  1. These are uncertain times for students so win them over by offering guidance that will help them into their first job
  2. Young people are still motivated to achieve their career goals
  3. Students need support more than ever
  4. Students want jobs that offer career progression, a sense of fulfillment, and that will make a difference 
  5. Build your employer brand through consistent, regular communication 

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